Cox Affiliate Program

The Cox Affiliate Program

In-depth information about the Cox and Cox affiliate program, including affiliate manager or OPM contact information, network IDs and more. California visual. Cox Rewards Prepaid Mastercard is available when you introduce Cox services and special offers to your customers. Sold programme Sold programme (TV-G) Sponsored television programmes. The channel is part of the Cox Media Group Television.

At Cox Communications we are looking for qualified affiliates.

AFFILIATE TODAY AND IF YOU WIN 5 NEW CLIENTS IN JULY 2018, YOU WILL RECEIVE A BONUS COMMISSION OF $200! With Cox Communications, audiences can experience more with sophisticated wired TV enjoyment, super-fast high-speed Ethernet, premium speech and home alarm capabilities, all available through your portable device to keep you connected on the go.

Because Cox Communications provides a wide range of services such as the web, cables and phones, as well as packaged affiliate bundles with opportunities for earning and stacking affiliate revenue. Associates have direct contact to our highly motivated text link and accountmanagement teams to make sure the relationship meets your KPIS!

Digitally Landing Affiliate Program - Launch of three new branded affiliate sites for Comcast, Time Warner & Cox

Digitally Landing provides one-stop comparative purchases for home based digit TV, web and telephone applications. You can find the best quotes and the right service for your online life on one monitor. You can get cable TV under $30, broadband under $30, or bundle your service and get the savings! Better still - check out the best ISPs on one monitor and make savings!

For Comcast, Times Warner and Cox, Digital Hosting has three new brand-related destination pages. Converted Tracking Upon: $0 withdrawal will be logged upon sale.

The Cox and Cox Affiliate Program

If you do not meet these requirements, your account may be cancelled and commissions you earn may be cancelled. By registering for the Cox and Cox Program, you as a Partner agree to the following provisions: Partners may not use Cox and Cox domains for SEO links.

Partners are asked not to registrate domain names that are similar or bewilderingly similar to the trademarks Cox and Cox. Every action of this kind within the framework of the promotion leads to commission being refused and means that the affiliate is faced with a suspend. Partners are not allowed to embed the Cox and Cox website in any frame.

The Cox and Cox subsidiaries are NOT authorized to use or offer Cox and Cox trademark words, spelling mistakes or other variations in any searchengines, directory or other on-line databases without prior authorization. Partners are encourage to advertise Cox and Cox through the use of generically keyword.

We' re pleased that Cox and Cox are mentioned by our partners in the title/body of the ads. The Cox and Cox subsidiaries may not offer on the conditions of competing brands in order to increase visitor numbers to . Each Affiliate, which offends against these conditions, is immediately blocked and its orders are rejected. Partners who do not follow the following policies will be excluded from the affiliate program and fees will be cancelled:

Cox and Cox Affiliate Program must be used to provide all procured discount/voucher coupons. It is not permitted for the Affiliate to show fictitious discount/voucher coupons on its pages or to show discount/voucher coupons that have been designed for use in other chat rooms or for other on-line partners.

Partners who are found to be using unauthorized coupon code will be immediately excluded from the program. If unauthorized coupon code is used in an affiliate transaction, we retain the right to retain it. Canceled orders lead to non-payment of the provision. An Affiliate may not modify any of the created or text link available through the Affiliate window surface.

To avoid outdated contents, affilates are not allowed to integrate creatives into their websites. Whoever violates these conditions will be given a reprimand and can cancel any commission. Continued non-compliance with these conditions shall lead to the suspension. To avoid any doubts, we retain the right to cancel an Affiliate with 14 calendar day advance notification in writing.

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