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You know that you pay for clicks with Google AdWords. There are three dominant match types for Google and Bing: wide, accurate and phrase match. Website publishers can contract with Google to display ads on their website. Basics; Pay Per Click;

Google Analytics; Social Media; Testing and Probability. Think you' re talking about Google Adsense.

Avg. cost per click (CPC): demarcation

This is the mean amount of money you were billed to click on your ad. Mean cost per click (average CPC) is determined by multiplying the overall cost of your hits by the overall number of hits. A CPC is your mean CPC and it is your real Cost-per-Click (actual CPC), i.e. the real amount you receive for a click on your ad.

Please be aware that your CPC may differ from your maximal cost-per-click, which is the highest amount you are willing to spend for a click. Here is an example of how you can compute your CPC. Let us assume your ad gets two hits, one for $0.20 and one for $0.40, for a combined cost of $0.60.

You' d split $0.60 (your overall cost) by 2 (your overall number of clicks) to get an avarage CPC of $0.30. Your avg. CPC amount can be found in the "Avg. You are just starting out and want to get an overview of the mean amount that could be calculated for one click?

Use the Keyword Planner to obtain estimates of your Search Network campaigns' mean CPC sums.

Cost per click (CPC): Google Advertising Help Definitions

Respecting your right to private information, we use the answers only in accordance with our data protection policy. Cost per click (CPC) offers mean that you are charged for every click on your ad. CPC bidder campaign: place a maximal Cost-per-Click offer - or just "max. The CPC" is the highest amount you are willing to spend to click on your ad (unless you specify bids customizations or use Enhanced CPC).

The CPC is most of what is normally billed to you for one click, but you are often less burdened - sometimes much less. The total amount billed to you for one click is referred to as your current CPC. If you place a CPC offer and someone else hits your ad, this click will not cost you more than the total CPC amount you have made.

You have the choice between manually placing your offers (you select your amount ) and automatically placing your offers (let Google place your offers to try to get the most hits in your budget).

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