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It' cool, it's summer, and you know exactly what kind of content you're dealing with. Com/ You also design cool web banners. These are the basic banner ads - essentially just a picture. A banner advertisement works like a TV advertisement by creating brand awareness. Be inspired by these stunning cool banner ads and start your own cool banner design project today!

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Create cool tunes with this extensible banner ad. A full service, award-winning online marketing firm, AvatarLabs is a leader in innovative designs and technologies for Fortune 500 brand names and consumer electronics businesses. "AvatarLabs Knock-Knock transition" is an award-winning full-service full digital communications firm that innovates, designs and technologies for Fortune 500 brand names and consumer electronics businesses.

"Home Page Takeover" "Smurfs Home Page Takeover" "Synched 628x90 and 300x600" AvatarLabs is an award-winning full-service full-featured digital media company that innovates, designs and technologies for Fortune 500 brand & consumer businesses.

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Today's 18-year-old banner advertising units are no longer being let loose by today's socially media-driven, content-enthusiastic marketing companies. Yet not all flags are terrible punch-the-monkey designs. There is a big change in that now, consumers can quite literally buy the word a Coke by joining someone on the other side of the globe.

Visitors could choose a site, add a face-to-face text or text attachment and see the cola shipped to a purpose-built dispenser. Old Spice, with the help of his Wieden+ Kennedy Portland advertising company, published a really cool banner ad with a built-in one. This shows the former NFL gamer and comedian Terry Crews without a shirt in a funny room where he plays "muscle music".

" In the end, the user can make their own muscular tunes by tapping on the keypad. The clou of this ad is that it did not push the user to a website to make soundtrack. The banner was turned into an independent mini-site by Old Spice. "User could push the buttons on their computer at the right pace (one metre indicates how quickly they are driving) to get Schroeder to the game.

In order to present its new golf automobile models, Volkswagen and its Tribal DDB agent have produced a few banner ads with mini-games. An outstanding one was a golf course where players had to smoothen the ride for their golf. It is very similar to the 1991 Microsoft Pipe Dream series.

From the beginning of the street, the golfer must build a way for the golf to pass through. But the point is that golf can make it on an unforeseen itinerary. It was part of a bigger advertising effort that focused on the below mentioned film.

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