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Pepsi Creative Ads - Product ads you don't see in magazines. Coole job offers/advertisements, which go beyond the edge of the plate. It is your goal with job advertisements to attract serious potential candidates. Reply: a pretty cool ad. Really cool to see them all, really nice collection of ads.

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Submit this message to your friends on: Transform your contents into Lead & Sell! Interaktive advertisements on Youtube are great, but they are still an unused way to create great and memorable spots. There are many companies already experimented with interactivity and some have had significant results. That' s what motivated me to choose the best 15 Youtube adverts.

As of the date of this posting, the videotape had 17 million hits on Youtube, and the first million came during the first 36 hour period. 30% sale! Boursin Sensorium VR will take you on a magic journey through a gourmet refrigerator packaged with the freshest produce. Funny, cool.

In September 2010, Orabrush CEO said that Youtube had increased its revenue by over one million US dollars and that the largest pharmaceutical store chains wanted their products on the shelf. It' s in English, but it's still cool, and I suggest you take a look. Some of the best known footballers in Germany, Google Maps, Spezialeinheiten and the F1 Services staff are participating.

It is possible to achieve good results with very little expense and time. It'?s not a promotional tape, but it's a good resource for inspirations. So why not build your own interactivity based campaigns on a tried and tested popular platform like Millionaire Series? Allow your clients to enjoy a cool and persuasive gameplay that will be recognized by your business.

What's the best way to make kids cool with kids' sciences? Rotate the sound up and move through the movie. It will be one of the best or even the best Youtube experiences in your lifetime. It'?s an important part of your world. Revenues increased significantly and 43% of total revenue was generated by new business.

You know any fantastic Youtube interactivity adverts we haven't spoken about yet? Submit this message to your friends on: Transform your contents into Lead & Sell!

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