Commission Junction Review

Review of the Commission Junction Review

Affiliate marketing offers available in the CJ Affiliate by Conversant Marketplace are CPA, which means that publishers receive commissions when their users are converted into a lead, sale, subscriber or when the user performs another action on the publisher's website. Is Commission Junction really working? I've asked them to review my contract and cancel my account, but I can't. Commission Junction employee reviews on Commission Junction culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. Below is an overview and instructions to get started.

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Initially I tried CJ active for about 10 moths, but was included in a 12 monthly agreement. Yet I did not see any perceptible rise in the real revenue figures we actually achieved during this timeframe.

A lot of the leads were our repeat clients or other potential clients who were already on their way to order from us, but thought they could get a dealer from one of the subsidiaries. Much of this is due to the practice of many of the subsidiaries, even the bigger ones, in making fake dealers and non-existent vouchers to lure them to their land pages to earn commission on a purchase that got in our way anyway.

A few stores were our own that we offered, but the most tempting ones were usually imprecise. However, what I can say after throwing away 10 G's of this facility with a reasonable amount of self-assurance is: If you have a small shop, you' re going to be far, far away. It'?s as easy as it gets: wrong partners, wrong people.

The CJ is stuffed with all kinds of affilates, but in all earnestness, the only ones that will actually generate actual leads are the dealing and voucher pages. Also, scratching some half-hearted offers and vouchers from your website to their more prominent website is about all the trouble you will see from them.

Anyone with a small shop in a corner of the market, I can tell you that their good judgement is correct: Yes, you really need a certain something to sell your goods and your service. At no point will an affiliate go the additional mile in trying to comprehend your store and how best to sell your own brand of product, and they certainly don't have a magical formula for the sale of a product that you couldn't sell yourself.

You will use the same cookies editor paradigm as in major industry sectors with off-the-shelf businesses. I' ve published many offers and voucher code on my CJ administration panels, but I didn't even realize that any of the partners took the advantages or made a sale on the product they were targeting.

Just the affilates showed no interest and had no idea how to market my own product.

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