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It'?s kind of like my commission. As visitors clicked on the employee's website to go to Amazon and buy a book, the employee received a commission. For more information about the committees, click on the names of the committees in the table below. The FBA or MFN is an important choice for Amazon sellers.

Sale via Amazon Fee List

Amazons will charge the lower of the charges listed below and any charges that Amazon may send to you (e.g., advertising charges that Amazon may charge from period to period).

An Amazon Shipment Charge chart for all retail selling items can be found under Retail Credit. Vendors charge a commission for each article they sell.

Articles in some category have a minimal recommendation commission per article, as stated below (e.g. seller pays the higher amount from the recommendation commission or the minimal recommendation commission per article).

Aggregate sale prices are the aggregate amount payable by the Purchaser, inclusive of the cost of the item and any shipping or handling costs. Recommendation rates differ by categories as shown below.

Class Amazon subtracts the higher percent of the Applicable Brokerage Charge or the Applied Minimal Brokerage Charge per article. Refer to References to Referral Charges above. Collectable CoinsSee our recommendation requirements. ArtSee Class Requirements for the commission charge. **From October 15, 2017 through December 31, 2019, the recommendation commission for food and gourmet items with a combined retail value of $15.00 or less is 8% instead of 15%.

Brokerage for food and gourmet items with a combined retail value in excess of $15.00 will stay at 15%. ***From February 22, 2018 to February 21, 2019, the brokerage fee for jewellery is 20% for the share of the overall selling prices up to $250 and 5% for each share of the overall selling prices above $250.

There is still a $2.00 charge. 1Accessories belong to the Electronic Accessories group. 2 The $1.00 per product recommended retail charge does not include Collectible Cards in the Toys & Games group. The Everything else catagory is available to vendors for items that do not clearly match within established catagories.

4 From 1 March 2017, the recommendation commission for advertising materials will no longer be based on the article prices but on the overall selling prices of a given article. Vendors charge a $5.00 loan charge for each copy leased.

There is a recurring subscription to our listing service, which is calculated according to the number of nonmedia ASCINs you post on Amazon. Your high volume listing fees are calculated once a month applying to your highest number of applyable Assins over 100,000 at any point during that particular period. If, for example, you have had 300,000 non-media Assins actively offered during a given period that have not been sold by a vendor in the last 12 consecutive weeks and have been on Amazon's site for at least 12 consecutive weeks, the $1,000 commission applies to that period.

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