Remuneration, a form of payment to an agent for services rendered. ( art ), the purchase or creation of a work of art usually in the name of another. Commission is a service fee fixed by a broker or investment advisor as consideration for the provision of investment advice and/or the settlement of the purchase or sale of a security. The majority of large full-service brokerage firms derive a large part of their profits from the calculation of commissions for customer transactions. Revenue commissions by working with the world's most recognized brands and successfully promoting their products/services.

Commission defined by Merriam

The State has established a commission to investigate the planned fusion of the schools district. c: a councillor with legal and administrative powers. She was a member of the town' s commission on waters. In particular: a percent of the amount of cash disbursed from the sum due to the sales representative of the company, who receives a commission for each sold one.

In use or in the conditions of use The web link is operational again. Bus 1: Out of operation or use The vessel was taken out of operation due to poor meteorological conditions. The lift was out of order.

The vessel was put into service in 2004.

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