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Enjoy the ease of banking from home with Commercial Bank's online banking. Now, you can use online banking from Commercial Bank & Trust of PA. Start Business Online Banking today. Get the most out of your day by paying online with Commercial Bank Internet Banking. Commercial National Bank's online banking offers you fast, easy and convenient control over your money.

Online-Banking - Commercial Bank Sri Lanka

You can now conveniently connect to any of your commercial bank account numbers from anywhere in the globe....... The only thing you need is a computer with wireless connection. It' s that simple to get 24 hour a day, 7 working day a week to any of your commercial bank account. Billing - Paid and administer your electricity bill, tuition, internet premium and online insurances.

Pay your bank's other debit charges, such as SCB and AMEX. Business Banking Credit Card - Administer your international business banking debit cards online. Standing orders - Send stand order orders and look at your current orders. Equity Trade Payment - Make online payment to your exchange agent. News - Secure communication channels for direct communication with the banking institution.

Send your request to your commercial bank or send it directly to us at the Digital Banking Centre. Within five workingdays you will receive your login data (user ID and password). Username ID is communicated by electronic message and passwords sent under registration coverage. You may need a new online banking account username and passwort if you log back in with the right username and passwort in any of the following cases because you may have used an incorrect username or username.

It is necessary to perform a pass word reset in order to be able to restore the system memory. You should ask us for a new username and password to log in again. Passwords are only restored if a query is autographed. Your enquiry (in paper form) should be sent to your nearest office for further treatment in order to contact us via e-banking. To me/us Internetbanking, I/we hereby accept to be subject to the following General Business Rules.

Never at any point and under no circumstance pass on the necessary personal ID/password/Personal Identity No.(PIN) for the use of the Internet banking function to any individual and keep it in strict confidence. Immediately after becoming acquainted with the Bank, inform it that the Username ID/Password/PIN has passed into the possession of an unauthorised third party.

Take full accountability for all transaction resulting from the use of the Internet banking function. Recording the Bank's transaction as coherent and authentic for all purpose to be accepted. The Bank is entitled to withdraw the right of the accountholder to issue the Bank with orders via the Internet banking function at any given moment and without giving advance notification.

The Bank is not obliged to execute orders issued by the account owner if the Bank, in its opinion, is of the opinion that these orders do not originate from the account owner. The Bank shall not be held in any way responsible for any losses or damages resulting from any malfunction or breakdown of the Internet Banking Facility or from the Bank's default or inability to respond to any instruction given through this media.

Irrespective of and without affecting the general provisions of (8) on the use of the Internet Banking Facilities, the use of the Internet Banking Facilities shall be at the user's own peril and I/we also agree to assume all risks associated with or resulting from the use of the Internet Banking Facilities. The Bank may cancel the Facilities at any moment without prior notification for me/us by terminating the Facilities.

JUAs shall be held collectively responsible for these arrangements and shall be held collectively responsible for all transaction resulting from the use of this equipment, whether the instruction is given by one or more of the JUAs. Each and every rule and regulation that governs the conduct of business on current, savings or other bank or savings deposits applies to Internet banking activities in connection with such bank or savings deposits.

The Bank retains the right to amend these General Bank Rules and Regulations and Fees without giving advance notification. Bank Working Days - A bank opening date in Sri Lanka for normal operations. Bank Fee Schedule - The Bank Fee Schedule under which fee is charged from period to period to clients who are entitled to use the Commercial Bank's online banking-features.

Such fees may be adjusted by the Bank at its sole option from tim from tim from without prior notification. Client - An accountholder or group of accountholders of the Bank who have been authorised to use the Internet banking function of the Commercial Bank. Client instructions - Any enquiry or order to the Bank made via the Internet banking function using a user ID and password.

IPRs - All reproduction IPRs know how the brand Patents and all other IPRs of any kind, whether the Bank's IPRs have been obtained by purchase transfer or otherwise. Associated Accounts - An activity called an Associated Activity by the client.

Passphrase - Any secret passphrase, code or number, whether it has been generated or generated by the Client (or one of the Client's Principal Delegates), and any combination thereof, which may be used to gain Internet banking privileges from the Commercial Bank or to give Client instructions as part of the Internet banking function. Immediate Accounts - An Internet banking customer's primary bank accounts.

Up to two bank clients can be designated as prime account holders for a single delegate. Recognizing that Commercial Bank's web banking function is provided through a computerized system or set of applications, which is a Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC designed and commercialized work.

The Internet Banking Facility is therefore required to allow clients to give orders and make enquiries to the Bank via computer terminal. It is a computerised service that authorises operations and identifies applications for information to be accessed and retrieved. The orders given to the Bank are received and processed by a computer system using a password and not a link to the name.

Accordingly, authorisation enquiries and orders given to the Bank by the use of such password shall be considered to have been given by the individual recognised by such password. Approval enquiries and directives issued to the Bank by means of online banking using a password shall be considered to have been issued by the authorised party recognised by this password and the Customer shall undertake to be bound by the approval enquiries and directives issued.

In the event that the password recognised individual is a principal delegate of a client, this authorisation enquiry and instruction shall be considered to have been issued by that client. The Internet banking is made available through a computerized system or programme and a computer-generated confirmation of orders and enquiries takes place immediately.

With the exception of certain online operations, however, the customer will be notified of the period of observance, which may differ from period to period and from transaction, for all operations upon demand. The Internet Banking is available on a 24 h base. Internet banking transaction completed between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm.

n completed on a bank working day, all trades other than those completed at 9.00 a.m. on the bank working day immediately after the trades are considered to have been completed. Foreign clients please be aware that all periods are Sri Lankan speaking, which is +6:00 GMT. Web banking was developed to enable clients to view and consult information, send money between accounts in the bank and give directions to the bank via the Web using the client's computer terminals.

The Bank will take all appropriate measures to provide a constant and satisfying level of services at all time, but cannot provide or guaranty an ongoing or error-free level of services. The Bank may, at its own judgement, raise or change all positions in the Bank's Fee Schedule without notifying the Client.

4. The Client shall undertake to make all payments to the Depositary in accordance with the Bank's Fee Schedule from period to period and at maturity. Client empowers the Banks from period to period, at maturity. Client hereby empowers Banks to collect such fees from Client's account without giving advance notification.

Client agrees to make sure that its principal delegates keep all passwords top secret and private at all time and that no one other than the principal delegates has or knows its passwords. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that the safety precautions he controls are appropriate and duly observed.

Client shall make sure that its principal delegates periodically modify their passwords to provide greater protection. It is the responsibility of the Client to make sure that all transactions on its account are accurately supervised and periodically reviewed and validated and that the Client immediately informs the EIB of any errors or discrepancies. Banking may receive any Client instruction issued using a password accepted by "The Commercial Bank's Internet Banking as authentically and duly authorised", and the Banking is not obliged to examine the powers of any person issuing Client instruction or to check the correctness and integrity of Client instruction issued.

Client is fully accountable for all client instructions given through the use of a password assigned to one of its principal representatives. Client and/or relevant principal delegate shall not be authorized to decline accountability for client instructions given without the client's knowledge and/or authorization and/or without the principal delegate's knowingly or authorization.

Bank is not liable for results resulting from imprecise or imperfect client instructions. Sense and content of the client instructions are based on the understanding of the bank. Principal agrees to promptly inform the Bank in written form to the Manager, Digital Banking Unit, Commercial Bank Of Ceylon PLC, 21, Bristol Street, Colombo 01, of any known or presumed unauthorized gain or unauthorized operation and, in the case of such notice, the Bank shall take appropriate measures to prevent any losses or damages arising from such unauthorized gain or operation.

Notwithstanding the fact that such orders are or may be contrary to, or may be contrary to, other orders given to the Bank in relation to the Customer's account or transaction, the Bank shall be empowered, but not required, to take Client orders as orders duly approved by the Client.

However, the Bank may, at its own option and without prior notification and without giving reasons, decline or decline a customer order to the customer. There is no duty on the Bank to reverse or modify payments or other instructions after they have been sent to the Bank.

The Bank may, however, use its best endeavours to comply with a Customer's demand to cancel or modify a transaction or other order before the Bank executes such order, but the Bank shall not be held responsible in any way if such cancelation or modification does not take place.

Commitments, debts and assurances of the Customer in lieu of and in deviation from the terms and conditions of other contractual engagements or other types of documentation received or performed by the Customer for the benefit of the Bank, and the Customer's claims and claims arising from such gifts shall always be governed by the Customer's fulfilment of all commitments, debts and assurances arising from such gifts and all other contractual engagements and documentation.

Bank shall grant the Client a non-transferable licence to use the "Internet Bank' s proprietary web based bank client management system and its updates, which Bank shall make available to the Client in relation to the use of the same. It is the responsibility of the client to take care of these devices and the associated transfer lines. It is the Customer's duty to treat these documents as highly confidential and not to copy them (with the exception of the "Internet banking" application for safety purposes) or make them accessible to other persons without the Bank's express permission.

Internet Banking" material and all photocopies thereof and all IPR thereto shall continue to be the sole ownership of the Bank. Customer acknowledges and acknowledges that the Bank does not make any representations or warranties (express or implied) as to the adequacy, merchantability or performance of the Internet banking facilities. Principal acknowledges and acknowledges that the Bank cannot ensure that the Internet Bank will operate without interruption or errors.

The Customer shall commission a pertinent entity on Customer's account, the Bank and/or the Digital Banking Unit to transfer or otherwise transfer all information about Customer and Customer's account(s), whether now existing or subsequently opened with such entity, to Customer; Customer authorizes the Bank to make available to third party such information about Customer and Customer's account(s) as the Bank reasonably deems necessary to implement Customer's instructions or to satisfy a decision of a judicial, governmental or competent body in a judicial forum.

Client acknowledges and accepts that the Bank shall not be held responsible vis-à-vis Client for any losses or damages of any kind that may be incurred by Client if the Bank is late or unable to provide Client with the Internet Banking Facility or any other services due to any strike, labour disputes, breakdown or interruption of the electricity supply or telecommunications system or other system or device or for any other cause beyond the Bank's reasonable Control, which includes technological causes in the Bank's computer or computer system or in the Bank's computer or computer system.

Client undertakes not to dispute or be under any obligation to dispute the applicability or enforceability of any message, or client instructions, sent by electronic means between the contracting entities in connection with the supply and use of the Internet Banking Facility. Irrespective of the terms of any statute or other arrangement between the Contracting parties, the Client consents and accept that a declaration with the following certificate from two of the Bank's senior executives in all judicial and other procedures between the Bank and the Client in relation to all issues, whether such issues arise in connection with these presentations or otherwise, against the Client is permissible as proof, and such declaration (whether computer-based or otherwise ) shall be definitively and conclusively between the Contracting parties for all intents and purposes until and to the extent the Client provides proof to the contrary. 2.

Certifying: We hereby confirm that this is a truthful and accurate declaration within the meaning of Term (16) of the "Internet Banking" contract concluded by the above client. The present Memorandum and the related Mandate and Indemnity constitute the whole Memorandum of Understanding between the Bank and the Client on the use of the Internet Banking Facility, but all other agreements between the Contracting parties and/or the Client's Mandate to maintain the Client's account(s) with the Bank by means other than the Internet Banking Facility shall remain intact.

BCV retains the right to amend the provisions of this Contract by amending, supplementing, deleting or modifying them by simply notifying the Client. In the event that the Client does not agree with the suggested modification, the Client shall give the Client the right to cancel this provision on or before the date on which the modification becomes valid by giving the Client the right to do so in writing before the date on which the modification becomes valid.

Should the client fail to give prior notification in writing, this shall be considered as acceptance of the amendment by the client. Irrespective of any laws or practices to the contrary, the Client acknowledges and consents that the Internet Banking Facility is a general banking services of the Bank for Clients and that the Bank has the unrestricted and undeniable right and power to amend any provision or provision of this Arrangement and that the Client's sole and exclusive remedy shall be to cancel this Arrangement.

Bank may (but is not obliged) make a note and Client hereby acknowledges that Bank records all Transaktionen und Anweisungen made using the Internet Banking Facility on disc and/or other methods or media and Client acknowledges that the only proof of such Transaktionen oder Anweisungen is the Bank's note and that such note is consistent and authentic for Client.

Where there is more than one Client, the commitments and commitments of each of them shall be common and multiple, the references to the Client being understood as a connection to one or more of them, the Bank shall be authorised to negotiate with the Client individually on any issue, inclusive of the performance of any obligation, without prejudice to the responsibility of any other Client.

Client acknowledges that it is known that the Bank reacts to Client's orders from the Bank's Internet banking facilities through the "Wire Transfer" facilities to execute various kinds of money transfers and that such wire messaging does not include either transfer or authorization limit.

Client shall make sure that no instruction as client instruction is given by an unauthorized individual or in any unauthorized way. When and if client directives are executed by the principal delegates, the client shall take measures and arrangements to make sure that the principal delegates act within the limits of the powers conferred by the client.

Client shall make sure that no one other than a Principal Delegate has been granted Internet Access to the Internet Banking Facilities. Client shall make sure that no Principal Delegate uses a password and user ID other than that which the Bank provides to such Principal Delegate or which has been properly generated by such Principal Delegate.

At any time, the Client shall indemnify the Bank against any claim, demand, action, proceeding, damage, loss, cost and expense which may be raised against or borne by the Bank and which arises directly or indirectly from or in relation to the (Internet Banking Facility) as a result of a negligent act of neglect or agency of the Bank (including the assurances given herein) by the Client or its representatives or employees, unless it has arisen as a result of the Bank's wilful delay and such indemnification shall remain effective and effective notwithstanding the ending of such submission.

Notwithstanding the Customer's right to termination within the meaning of paragraph 18 above, either of the parties may immediately dissolve this Agreement with thirty (30) days' written notice, provided that the Bank is authorised to dissolve this Agreement without undue delay if the Customer has committed a substantial infringement or imminent infringement of the Agreement or if the Customer's account(s) with the Bank or, in the Bank's view, the Customer or one of its staff or representatives represents a possible danger to the safety of the Internet Banking Facility.

In the event of cancellation for any cause whatsoever, the Client's licence to use the Internet Banking Facility and any related information or resources shall immediately terminate and the Client shall immediately revert to the Bank's Internet Banking resources, together with all photocopies thereof, and delete the content of the Commercial Bank's Internet Banking Hardware or Diskette, and the Bank shall be authorised to delete or invalidate any passwords assigned to Prime Delegates of such Client.

When the bank: Manager, Digital Banking Unit, Commercial Bank Of Ceylon PLC, Nr. 21, Bristol Street, Colombo 01. All matters or disputes resulting from or in relation to the Arrangement shall be subject to the law of Sri Lanka and the courts of Sri Lanka having sole competence for the place where the Bank's seat is located at the date when court action is instituted shall have sole competence over the courts of Sri Lanka.

Considering that such monies or monies will be paid at MY wish, I/we undertake to refund to you the amount of such monies or monies together with all fees and interest at the amount of EUR per year from the date of monies or monies being paid until the date of the receipt of the return transfer at the place of your domicile (this amount may be changed from then on without prior notification to me/us) and commissions at the amount of EUR per year.

Invoices, waybills and insurance policies and the above will be retained by you as cover for the refund and I/we agree to lodge further deposits with you from forewarning, and if you so wish, and in the case that the quoted value of any of the above instruments differs at any given moment or date, we agree to furnish you with further cover to your full satisfaction. Upon your request, we will make available to you any further cover you may request for a refund, in addition to the provision of your correspondent's fee, if any, and the provision of any such cover.

Assuming that you, in your sole judgment and without prior identification of the request for refund of the purchase or disposal of goods against which such documentation and instruments are directed, are free to use the net proceeds as you see fit either by public offering or retail selling (after deduction of the carriage and policy premiums, if such are payable by and on behalf of you together with the normal fees) in such way and at such times and places as you deem appropriate and either by public offering or retail selling.

And/ We further represent that this License is not affected by MY DEATH/US OR ANY DATE, but remains in full effect and effect, and remains in full effect notwithstanding any modification made from period to period by way of decease or otherwise in the articles of association of My/our corporation and/or our business, and that this License does not replace, but is in supplement to, any pledge already subscribed to or subsequently subscribed to by me/us in your favor.

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