Cloud Affiliate Program

The Cloud Partner Program

For more information about our Cloud Hosting Reseller & Hosting Affiliate Programs, please contact Cirrus Tech. Complete our affiliate application - it's free and only takes two minutes. As soon as you have been approved, you will receive a unique affiliate link. Have you got customers or do you regularly get web traffic looking for dedicated servers or cloud hosting? Some of our partners are the most highly paid in the industry!

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Affiliate Program is aimed at businesses that often encounter cloud and e-mail & production capabilities in their day-to-day operations, but do not directly impact who their clients and prospects eventually choose as their managed cloud vendor. Affiliates earn commission for their recommendations with a single and easy click to sign a non-binding agreement.

Associate offers: Affiliate Program provides our affiliates with the necessary web banner tool and web link to increase sales through your website. Our feature-rich affiliate site allows you to choose tried and tested web banner displays and follow web traffics, convertions and provision payments with one click.

Sign up for the Cloud Partner Program

Up to 20% commission for life can be earned on any sales made through your affiliate links. As an alternative, you can make up to 27.5% per sales and up to 2 per leads as one-time payment if you decide to advertise the standard commission offer. For more general information about affiliate marketing, I suggest this Wikipedia review.

Once you have decided on a solution that best suits your needs, you can begin to generate your own trackers. All visitors who sign up through your affiliate hyperlink will be followed and you can see your klicks and conversations within the affiliate area. You can use them in your own blogs or ad canals.

You can advertise an affiliate program in several ways. Do you know a boyfriend or business that wants to get into the cloud? It can also be a face-to-face webcast, a hyperlink in your own blogs, or a Facebook news item. One possible first move would be to set up a cloud blogs on cloud provisioning and articles.

Note that text linking usually gets a much higher click rate, but the creative people help your click rate for text linking. Now that you've posted about 10 items, it's getting ready to get some quick references. It' all about getting succulent hyperlinks. You can also begin to contact other blogs in your area and ask them to exchange your web site linkto, you've probably already come across so-called blog rolls.

Newsgroups are also great for distributing hyperlinks, adding your blogs to your signatures, or linking to related blogs wherever it makes sence. As mentioned above, we are only covering the basic principles here. They will be sorted by cloud themes.

Don't make it look spammmy, just include an affiliate hyperlink wherever it is appropriate. They can also integrate your affiliate ID into these pages' hyperlinks to further interest and convert your affiliate accounts. Here is an example of what such a blogs could look like: http://cloudlist. en .

On the homepage several cloud related article are presented and under "Cloud Hosting Provider Comparison" you will find a comparative chart about cloud hosting. Anyone can register with these communities and begin advertising their campaign. You can also use this to track your blog's link.

Be sure to always use a SubId when using paid methods to support an affiliate program, otherwise you will not be able to evaluate your audience.

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