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More precise definition of the cost per click. Reduce your cost per click while maintaining (or even improving) traffic and conversion rates. Often the formula used is Cost Per Impression (CPI) divided by the percentage click-through rate (%CTR). The CPC is the amount a website publisher receives when a paid advertisement is clicked on the website. Amount you pay when a user clicks on your PPC ad.

GPC: What are the costs per click?

The CPC stands for Costs per Click or the amount you spend for each click in your Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign. What can you do to lower your CPC while sustaining your traffics and converting rates? CPC is the amount you spend for each click on one of your PPC advertisements on a platform like Google AdWords or Bing Ad.

A number of different determinants determine your click per click rate, such as your highest bids, your quality score, and the ad ranking of other marketers placing for the same word, as shown below: Their CPC is an important key figure, because these Klicks and expenses sum up themselves quickly. What is a good CPC in AdWords?

Their AdWords ROI depends on how much you pay for your hits and how good the resulting clicks are. Not only do you want to get unlimited access to your site, but also cheap access to your site, which is a great value for your company. Typical costs per click vary by sector, transaction and network in which you advertise.

Firmer sectors and sectors with higher price converters (such as business applications, industry gear or costly legal and finance services) tended to have higher cost per click. Or, take a look at the chart below to see CPC benchmarking in 20 popular industry sectors in both your query and ad networks:

As AdWords advertiser, you want to monitor your CPC while at the same time improve the level of visitors' flow so that the cost you pay for advertising hits pays off. You can significantly reduce your mean CPC by enhancing your overall outcomes. Yours will be your best: Click Through Ratio - Click Through Ratio (CTR) is a measurement of how often your ad is viewed when it pops up in your results.

Convincing PPC advertisements that are of relevance to a user's request are much more frequently visited. Relevance to Keyword - Advertisements that are clearly pertinent to the catchwords you are advertising on and that contain the catchwords in the ad text have a tendency to receive higher CTRs and quality values. Quality of ad and landing pages - It is in Google's interest to encourage marketers to produce convincing, imaginative advertisements that reach people.

Also, your land pages (where your visitors will land after clicking) should be very important for your search terms and advertisements, so that your visitors get what they are looking for and can perform the required actions with ease. For more information about how your AdWords Content Center performs compared to similar marketers and how you can lower your ad serving cost, use the AdWords Business Grader to get a quick and free review of your AdWords content with hints and insight into your cost, advertising effectiveness, mobility and more.

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