Click like and Earn Money

To earn money, click on the link below

FanSlave allows you to earn money by simply pressing LIKE on FaceBook. The Likes are worth money! Earn real money to like great pages on Facebook. Isn' it possible that you can make money by clicking on n likeing? How?

Use a Funnel Builder like ClickFunnels to create a landing page.

Make money by pressing the LIKE Buttons on FaceBook.

Would you like to earn money FaceBook? With FanSlave you can earn money with your Facebook page. FanSlave allows you to earn money by simply pressing LIKE on FaceBook. You mean this pushbutton that appears on the FaceBook pages? To earn money, click on the LIKE icon, which you may have clicked a thousand time before.

Naturally you have to sign up at before you can earn money by pressing the LIKE Buttons. Once you have successfully registered, you can login to your FanSlave FanContool. These are the charts you see when you sign in to your FanSlave account: Balance: Prior to starting making money by klicking on LIKE on FaceBook, we'll take a look at your balance the first time you sign up for a FanSlave account:

Please note: 0.25 will be credited to your FanSlave Money when you open an FanSlave Money Player Money Player Moneybookers Account. Fifty credits with a new FanSlave affiliate program. Your first move is to link your affiliate with FaceBook. You can do this by pressing the connect pushbutton on the following monitor. Please click on all left (represented by arrow red), in order to attend the fan sides.

As soon as you're on the FaceBook fan pages, just click the Like icon to earn money. Let's use the first two Fan Pages as illustrations and display them in the following two diagrams: After you have visited all the fan pages on FaceBook, the following display will appear, showing that there are no more fan pages available.

Fan pages are available at any given moment, please login to your FanSlave accounts more often.... Be sure to click on theredit button to get the amount of money you just earn by using the LIKE button on the fan pages. Verify your bankroll to make sure you have received funds by browsing the fan pages and click on the LIKE button.

Amount earned by pressing LIKE will vary. While some can cost up to 0.05 ? per click, others can cost up to 0.01 ?. Earn more money with FanSlave? You will receive 15% on all new member revenue, click money and all new member revenue. You will receive commissions for the referrals you make.

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