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However, on March 22, 75 statesmen, a majority of both sides, passed an Amendment to a suggested federal bill that, if it came into force, would allow states to levy duties on purchases by online merchants domiciled in other states. There is no commercial point in taxing your business and online purchases differently.

The Supreme Court in 1992 decided that states could not compel nonstate merchants to levy taxes on resident purchases unless Congress, which monitors inter-state trade, said so. It is only retailer with a physically present - a "nexus", in lawyers' terms - in the state that could be subject to taxation. From 1994 onwards, distance selling and online selling have increased from 2% of overall retailing turnover to 7%.

While in the last five years retailing revenues have increased by 10% and overall state and municipal taxation by 9%, selling revenues have increased by only 2%. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, the court's ban costs last year amounted to $23 billion in losses. Theoretically, on-line consumers are obliged to pay VAT themselves.

That is true of incumbent merchants such as Best Buy and Target, who have to pay taxes not only in businesses but also on-line in states where they do business. The Illinois company has reinvented "Nexus" to involve third parties' subsidiaries that are selling via major web sites such as Amazon. The Colorado government ordered merchants to submit a fiscal invoice to the customer and declare it to the taxpayer.

NY has created "Nexus" to capture any store that can be accessed by visiting a NY website. For a long time, retail traders and state and municipal administrations have recognized that the perfect congressional response is to allow states to levy taxes on the Web. Even though militants continue to be antagonistic, Republicans are becoming more sympathetic to merchants and community administrations trying to construct urban works such as sewage systems as their fiscal bases migrate to digitalspace.

"They can' t rinse your bathroom over the Internet," says Mike Enzi, a Wyoming Senate official who led the change with Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois. Under the Marketplace Fairness Act, as the suggestion is known, states that are simplifying their VAT legislation will be allowed to force on-line merchants to levy VAT.

This would reassure e-tailers' concerns about the levying of different tax in tens of millions of state and municipal courts. Amazon, one of the toughest enemies of the state's effort to levy tax on the use of the Web, supports the bill, but warns of an overly high small seller exemption limit, now $1 million. It would not repeal the nationwide ban on the taxation of pure digit goods such as web browsing and e-mail.

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