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The General Office > Trade fair appearances; websites & companies for sale. Sales of collapsed until they carried out a radical overhaul of the site. Buy, sell or trade your RC equipment through our easy-to-use classified system.

The largest Australian dedicated radio control classified listings and trading site.

Fraudsters pretending to be salesmen.

They can counter fraudsters when purchasing and selling via on-line sales agencies. Sites such as Gumtree are a good way to buy used goods and make a payment when you collect them. In some cases, however, you can buy objects that you have not yet seen. Goods must not be allowed to coexist - fraudsters can copy and paste information from another legal ad.

If you buy articles from privately owned vendors that you don't see, there are certain risk factors. It' not just shoppers who loose cash through fraud. Vendors can loose cash if fraudsters impersonate prospective purchasers. You could make a history that includes paying too much and then ask the vendor to give the additional cash to a bogus shipping firm or messenger.

Your entire initial transaction will then be rejected by your local merchant due to the use of a fraudulent check or counterfeit debit slip. At times the fraudsters persuade the vendor to prepay the transportation charges and then vanish with that cash. They should also notify the e-mail address used in these frauds to the e-mail provider.

Ensure that the site is safe before you enter any personally identifiable or pecuniary information. In this way, you can prevent fraud such as counterfeit second chances listings via e-mail after losing to another lot. When paying by bank remittance, e.g. via Western Union or an e-money system like Ukash, it is almost impractical to track who it is.

Although you may be making a wire transmission, you may find it difficult to follow the transactions with the banking institutions or get your funds back through them. It is only a safe system of payments like PayPal that can give you the possibility to get a reimbursement if your goods do not reach us. Fraudsters also make copies of safe web sites such as Google Checkout or PayPal and mail the links to you.

Counterfeit articles are sometimes offered for purchase. Among the most frequently counterfeited objects are all the following: domestic animals, usually cubs. With a sobbing storyline and photographs by text or e-mail, shoppers can be attracted to emotional appeal. In order to prevent these frauds, you should either choose to keep a puppy through a nearby sanctuary or buy one from a respected grower.

Learn more about fraud and how to notify them.

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