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Learn how to use classified advertising websites for marketing your business with a budget. Display features offered on our classifieds sites. Explore many features for your classifieds website! This is the fastest way to grow your business with the leader in classifieds for Joomla. A classified ad page allows your visitors to upload items or services to your site that they want to sell to your other visitors.

Classifieds Plus - Classifieds Websites HTML Templates by Fullstack Topics1

The Classified Plus HTML Template is a unique classified HTML template designer suite that has been created for a wide range of designs. It' perfectly suited for classified websites of any kind, imaginative portfolio & blog, eye-catching stores and much more. The Classified Plus was created by the best designer. Featuring over 30 fantastic HTML layouts, meticulously engineered and ready for fast and efficient execution, Classified Plus gives your Classified Projects a great new look and meets all upcoming 2018 UI & UX styling standards.

A great look and feel and modern styling combines this feature with the ease of use to produce the best eye-catching look that is simple for anyone to use. Pictures are not part of the delivery and are for thumbnail only.

Classifieds Website template by NexusPlus UIdeck

The NexusPlus is a high-quality website submission for classified, list and directories websites, created with Bootstrap 4(latest), HTML5 and the latest technology. The NexusPlus comes with a clear and fresh look, a fully reactive look, more than 30 pages and tonnes of content to help facilitate the creation of next-generation CMS or websites.

Searching for WordPress Version?, ClassiBox is fully functional classifieds WordPress themed! The NexusPlus has 2 different homepage variants, more than 30 classified pages, limitless colour choices and much more...... NexusPlus is the ideal solution for you if you are looking for a minimum rubric style sheet with all the key features/pages/elements you need to create a full customized CMS or a rubrics/list/directory website....

Classed General Terms and Condition

The present contract sets out the general rules governing your use of our classified ad service on this Afloat website. You may not use or attempt to use our Service if you do not consent to be bound thereby. Before using our service, you must review, acknowledge and understand all of the provisions set out in these General Business Conditions.

If you place a classified ad on this site, you are agreeing to all of the conditions set forth in this License Aggreement. You may change this policy at any and all times by publishing the revised policy on our website. Each revised contract will regulate your use of this website from the date on which it is published on our website.

Nothing else in this Agreement shall be deemed superseded unless it is made in written form and shall be duly executed by you and the owners of Afloat. Especially the copy of offers for the purpose of reconnection to other websites is not allowed. Marketers who wish to use the same material to place ads with other ad serving products must deliver them directly to the publisher of those products.

The Afloat Publications Pty Ltd. does not believe that this is any other than a website for advertising and resources for those who wish to buy a vessel. AFFLOAT Publications Pty Ltd. cannot warrant the accuracy or timeliness of the information that visitors to our website publish. If you have a right, demand or proceeding against another party resulting from that party's use of our website, you hereby consent to prosecute that right, demand or proceeding separately and without reliance on us and indemnify Afloat against all liabilities, charges, damages, loss, expense and expense, whether known or not, resulting from or in any way related to that right, demand or proceeding, whether known or not.

Any advertising must contain only one ship, one object or oneervice. You may not refer to other websites in the classified ad unless you and Afloat Publications Pty Ltd. have specifically consented thereto. Irrespective of whether you are a company or not, your transactions may be subject to goods and value added sales duty and other applicable charges.

The advertiser is liable for the payment of all charges associated with the use of our services and website and all related tax. be I. wrong, imprecise or deceptive; II. be insulting or threatening, improper, libelous or invasive of any intellectual property right, trust, right of privacy or any other right; III. violate any intellectual property right, patents, trademarks, business secrets or any other right of ownership or the public or data protection of any third person; IV. be inappropriate, obscene or deceptive; IV. be inappropriate or objectionable; IV. be unlawful, threatening, libelous, abusive, invasive of copyrights, trust, private life or any other right; IV. violate any intellectual property right, patents, trademarks, business secrets or any other right of the public or data protection of any third person; IV. be infringing or threatening; IV. be inappropriate, threatening, invasive of any intellectual property right, trust, private life or any other right of any kind; III. violate any law, regulation or regulation of any nature

cause or cause us to cause the loss (in whole or in part) of the performance of our or our ISPs' or other suppliers' products orervices; VIII. directly or indirectly associate or contain any description of any goods or services: We may, without limitation to our other legal redress, immediately give a caution, discontinue or discontinue your use of the Site, and decline to make the Site available to you without notice:

a) if you violate this License or any of the referenced materials; b) if we are not able to review or identify the information you have provided to us; or if we believe that your activities may give rise to criminal liability for you, our visitors or us. There is no assurance of continued, non-stop or secured accessibility to our service and the operations of our website may be affected by a number of circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

This website and our service are provided "as is" and "as available" and to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, we disclaim all implicit guarantees, representations, warranties, or other conditions, whether required by applicable laws or not, inclusive and without limitations of any condition of qualification and diligence or timely delivery.

Under no circumstances shall Afloat Publication Pty Ltd, its directors, staff, contractors, vendors, distributors, agents, subsidiary companies, subsidiary companies, successors or assigns be responsible to any of the parties for any incidental, consequential, direct, incidental, punitive, indirect, punitive, exemplary, economic, punitive, exemplary, special, exemplary or other punitive damage, lost business value or lost profit resulting from or in any way connected with the use of this website,

the use of any referenced website, whether in an action of contract, strict default or otherwise, even if Afloat Publications Pty Ltd. has been specifically advised thereof, or the use of any referenced website, whether or not limited to any infringement, neglect or other legal, contractual and/or tortious obligation. Compensation " shall include, without limitations, attorneys' fees, foregone profit, disruption of operations and failure of any program or other information on your information handling system.

Aflat Publications Pty Ltd explicitly declines any responsibility for any information or opinion of third parties published on this website which may arise from penal or private provisions regarding slander, violation of mental rights, data protection, obscenities or any other area of legislation. This Agreement shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with Australia applicable hereto.

No assignment or assignment of your right under these Conditions is permitted. Neither party's nonexercise of any right or recourse under these Conditions shall waive that right or right. Titles in these conditions serve only for clarity and have no juridical significance or effect.

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