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Depending on the newspaper, you will find classified ads in the Art & Leisure section or in Section B. The ClassiPress is the original and most popular WordPress classifieds theme. This section shows you all the classified ads you have placed. Subtitles: DomasG. Classified ad definition: In this section, members can view and publish classified ads.

Guideline for newspaper advertisements in classifieds

If you are considering your next ad campaigns, think of printed ads because they are a trustworthy information resource for many people. An easy way to reach your customers via printed advertisements is to use the small ads section. Another draw for classified ads is that they can be inexpensive, but some can be costly.

By looking through classified ads, advertisers are already thinking that they need a specific item and you don't have to persuade them that they need something, you just have to persuade them that it is your item or your services that they need. Newspapers classified in printing may look like the following picture; more recently, however, classified ads have been published on-line with recent instances such as eBay or Carsales.

Like all ads, there are certain specs that must be fulfilled, and classified ads are no different. Optional 1.5, 3 and 4 module versions are also available; the following samples show 1 and 2 module versions. Many items within the classified section of a paper need to be identified in order to determine which section your ad is best suited for.

Your newspaper's general columns may contain similar headings such as: buy and buy, general service, private announcement, auction, tender, house and gardens list, general and general information, good foodstuffs list, good travels list. It is important when purchasing classifieds to know how much you will pay for what you want.

It depends on a number of determinants, such as the release you are going to use, the number of units you want to take, whether it is ad or pedigree, and so on. Line prices are calculated on the number of rows in your copy, e.g. in the Sydney Morning Herald, if you want to promote in the Trading World section, you will be careful to pay $9.18 per row Monday through Friday and $10.08 on Saturday.

Whilst the prices displayed are calculated on the number of units you will take, e.g. one unit in the Trading World for Monday to Friday, the price would be $450 while Saturday would be $580. Advertise from Sunday to Friday by Lineage you would be expecting to be paying $8.98 per line and $10.81 on Saturday.

Conversely, if you advertised from Sunday to Friday with your displays, it would be $508 and $641.78 on a Saturday. When classifieds are an optional part of your ad campaigns, please get in touch with 360DMG for help with your mediaplan.

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