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Find the list of Top India Classifieds websites here. Classified online advertising providers in India. Here you will find the contact details and addresses of online classified markets and companies. Post your Times of India newspaper classifieds online now :. They are normal text displays.

Which are some of the best classifieds sites in India?

Classed web pages are the best and free way to encourage your small businesses, recruit someone for your businesses, buy and resell old things or do many other things. lndia has some of the best free classified webpages. Ads can be created and published for free on these favorite classified Web pages.

Thousands of million come to classified websites to search for different types of service. The purpose of this paper is to tell both marketers and individuals about the most beloved classification pages in India. Marketers need to master the skills of making strong and eye-catching ads. These are the 25 best classified websites where you can build ads and advertise your product and company without invest.

Thus, these top 25 were the most liked classified sites in India.

Learn how to buy or buy used products with OLX: Standing 13 Step (with pictures)

Would you like to buy or buy new or used articles? A possibility is to place an ad on the classifieds page OLX. Begin withtep 1 and find a good way to buy or resell the product you want: If necessary, browse to the bottom of the homepage where you can choose another land or town from the "OLX Close to you" section.

" Choose the Sales your article now tool. Choose a proper grouping. In the first box of the application you will be asked to enter a matching name for your products. It will help to win more clients for your products (e.g. "Brand new canvas knights for sales - great condition").

In the next box you will need a good descriptive text of your products as well as the state and characteristics of the products. Be sure to describe your products fully and concisely. Describe at least the state of the item, the date you bought it, and any important characteristics or defects.

Fill in the "Seller Information" box that appears directly below these items. Ensure that all information is current and accurate, as this is the only way prospects can get in touch with you. Pictures show the state of the item, so make sure you include enough high-quality pictures to make an effective, appealing display without excessive mess.

Pictures are the proper display of your products. Review all your entries and then choose the Mail options. Find your required item in the box (e.g. cell phone, automobile, etc.). To get the best results (e.g. microsoft laptop 830 instead of just lumia) you should look for the most accurate descriptions of your products in a few words.

Choose your site if required. Please review the detail and look at the images thoroughly; make sure every single piece you consider suits your needs and has a fair price. You will find some filters/conditions on the right that you can choose to make your quest simpler and faster. Please consult the salesman. When you find an article that interests you, please get in touch with the vendor using the information provided.

Then you can organise a personal rendezvous so that you can try out the article and determine if it meets your needs. Thoroughly review any prospective purchases before closing the deal. Review your products. As soon as you have received your device, please inspect it thoroughly with all parts. If you are completely happy with the state of the products, take the products.

Can' get the seller's number? Dealer has a validated telephone number which is not available to the purchaser. Where can I get in touch with the vendor? You should have a Contacts Information tabs on each ad, usually containing the person's mobile number and e-mail adress. Does OLX give me the item or do I have to go somewhere else for the item?

Therefore, you must get in touch with the vendor and get your item. Do I have to delete my OLX products after use? What can I do to join OLX to resell my OLX products? Are you sure it's okay to resell a cell to someone in another state? The OLX is not an e-commerce plattform, i.e. your customers cannot buy your products on-line and have them shipped by courier service.

If your purchaser is located in another land, it is very unlikely that he will be travelling all the way to your final location to buy a used one. However, if you want to resell a franchise to someone in another jurisdiction, I would suggest an e-commerce site like e-bay.

You have to see the vendor in person and you have to buy the products when you like them. What is the speed at which a given article will be sold? How much of your article needs to become popular will depend on the amount of traffic to the article. Computer or electronics should be sold very quickly because they are in great popularity.

Where can I get in touch with a salesperson if the salesperson's number is missing? Search for the other items on the Contacts Information page, such as e-mail. Enter your personal details and choose "Account and Pay options". Choose "Yes." How will I get in touch with the purchaser if they are interested in purchasing?

How does the buyer/seller prove that he/she has purchased/sold the article? What is the best way to buy OLX based software? Once a vendor completes a sales transaction with a purchaser, who will collect the items and ship them to the purchaser?

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