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Are you familiar with ClassifiedAds. com's TrustScore agree? Try eBay Classifieds. Small advertisements and requests for information. The SDPA offers classified ads for both members and non-members.

KDA classifieds service is for hunters and seekers in the state of Kansas.


Byron Shire Echo's classifications are a rather typical example of a place full of good deals and announcements of all sorts. The Echo classifieds are the place to be if you are looking for something in Byron Shire. Classifieds of all types, including: announcements, healthcare providers, articles for purchase, rented and rented homes, garages and much more, everything is here.

For all advertising reservations about the Byron Echo. or call 02 6684 1777 - see our Contacts page. Classifieds - Deadline for entries is Tuesdays at 12 noon. New Line Classifieds - Deadline is 12pm Tuesday.

Sell with classifieds | eBay

If you post an article via an eBay Classification ad, you enter a quote, the shopper will contact you and together you complete the deal outside the eBay trading area. You can use the classified form for offers in certain subcategories. Your classified ad charges differ according to the type and length of the offer.

How to build an eBay classified ad: You can go to selling your article or choose selling at the top of any eBay page. Under Format, choose Classified. Length is set to 28 by default. Choose Schedule element. If you are willing to hear quotes from prospective purchasers, you can choose the best bid in your classified ad entry.

We have different eBay ad placement policies from other eBay ad sales channels. A small ad will be sent to you with the details of all interested purchasers. You may not disclose this information to third party or use it for any purpose other than to inform yourself about the product you are reselling - please make sure you are aware of our privacy policy.

Vendors who do not take notice of buyers' information may restrict their purchase and sale rights or have their eBay accounts blocked. Keep in mind that you do not have direct contact with feedback service providers and cannot open cases of items not paid for if a purchaser does not make a payment, as classifieds are placed on eBay but the deal is outside eBay.

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