A classified definition, arranged or distributed in classes or according to classes: We' re planning to run all classified samples through the lab. Information classified, information that is private; classified ads or "classified ads". Small ads are a place for members to sell, give away, exchange or show interest in receiving personal items. Advertisements in the ADASA Dental Insights can be found below.


ordered or divided into grades or corresponding to the grade: It is our intention to check all samples in the lab from or with the designation of the part or parts of a release containing ads or lists:

Have a look under "Plumber" in the classified pages of the phone directory. They found a position for a "typist" in the "Classified" section of the paper, which was called "Classified" and was only available to authorised people.

Classed properties are entitled to state subsidised refurbishment. It has a client database to which it does not allocate large credits; verbs (used with object), classifications, classifications, classifications, classifications, organized by categories; orders to allocate a category (information, documents, etc.).

Check the classification (def 5) to restrict the information available (information, documents, etc.) to authorised people. Ship said that on Friday he had received a secret briefing on the Sony assault from the intelligentsia of the fellowship.

These materials have been examined by the CIA to avoid the release of secret information. "These are areas we should get into at a secret hearing," said the Minister of Defence.

Every fifth inmate in Pennsylvania is classified as psychologically ill. However, one of these days she scanned the classifieds in the Minneapolis Tribune and saw a vacancy that addressed her.

They are classified and organized so that they can be used immediately. Small Bechers weren't classified, but their association was obvious.

At that time she had annoyed him because he had not yet classified her. There is no classification and systematization of living for the school.

They are classified here, and so they are destined to give us a right to their use. adj. V. 1782, by the Flemish Classifiers, by classes (see classs (n.)).

Classify; Classify .

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