Affiliate CJ by interlocutor Formerly Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate by Conversant is a worldwide affilate marketer specialized in pay-for-performance programming. In May 2015, the Waleed Al-Atraqchi Corporation appointed Waleed Al-Atraqchi as Chairman and replaced Kerri Pollard, who changed to an consultative function. Previously, Al-Atraqchi was Chairman and CEO of Affinnova and Chairman of Imagitas.

Affiliate CJ (

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Conversant publishes 2016 Holiday Intelligence Report for CJ Affiliate

Conversant?, a premier worldwide online advertising partner, today unveiled its 2016 annual Holiday Intelligence Reports for CJ affiliates. This eagerly awaited annual review provides annual affilate market strategy for retail merchants looking to benefit from the Christmas buying seasons. Holidays Intelligence 2016 is based on the 2015 vacation sale figures from CJ Affiliate's database of more than 3,000 advertising customers and 30,000 publishing companies.

Exactly. In this report: Please click here to view the full Holiday Intelligence Reports 2016. Formerly Commission Junction, CJ affiliate by Conversant is a world-leading partner ecosystem that specializes in pay-for-performance solutions that improve results. Through our ecosystem, we help connect billions of eConsumers every day by enabling fair, profitable relations between advertiser and publisher.

Most of the world's best-known and most specialised brand names run their Affiliate Program on the CJ-Plattform.

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