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View real reviews, proof of payment, affiliate manager contacts and more details about CJ Affiliate by. Locate the best affiliate marketing company for you. Ratings from users of the current CJ.com, formerly called Commission Junction. They are home to thousands of different affiliate offerings, all under one roof.

Affiliate CJ evaluation by the interlocutor for publisher

Commission Junction was renamed from Conversant to CJ Affiliate on February 3, 2014. Affilate CJ is one of the oldest and largest affiliate network. They are all CPAs, which means that they only pay a publisher when a user converts to either a leads, subscribers, sales or other actions beyond a simple click or imprint.

Featuring tens of millions of advertisers worldwide and tens of millions of offers, CJ is a favorite among blogs and small web editors. Possibility of adapting bids; large number of operators and vertical; dependable pay. Reporting is not very easy; there is no dedicated technical assistance point; you have to look at each individual marketer on an individual basis.

Partner. Size of network: more than 2,500 marketers. Affiliate of CJ by Conversant Tech Realization Rating: Create an ad unit: You must first be authorized by the marketer that you want to run on your site before you can place ad impressions. In many cases approvals are immediate, but sometimes a manually performed review is launched that can take one to two days.

First click the Get Left page; find or look for the referrer; click the referrer's name; contact the application; once you' re authorized, you can show your referral list; click the referral list box or referral box you want; click Get HTML; copy and paste your HTML into your website. Available ad block sizes:

Different depending on the advertisers. Affiliate CJ durch Conversant Publisher Reporting & Admin Controlling Panels Ratings : When you first sign up, the major dashboard shows yesterday's synopsis, along with new referrals, notifications, assignments, and EPC statistics for 3 months and 7 days.

Different depending on the advertisers.

More than 3,000 advertising companies are actively involved, giving web and blog owners access to tens of millions of marketing opportunities to monetize a website with affiliate link and banner ads.

Just creating an impression or click alone does not generate revenues, although editors have the ability to show revenues in the form of EPC and e-commerce rate in their report, so they can easily match apple-to-apple numbers with ad network displays such as Google AdSense.

An ad block identifier therefore not only indicates the height and/or nature of the creator (banner or text link), but also the advertiser's particular advert.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant, on the other side, allows you to select exactly which affiliate should be used at which place on your website. So, if you have a review page for Reebok footwear, for example, you should only run Reebok quotes there. There is a great deal of latitude in being able to select your marketers and products with such a level of sophistication.

With each new affiliate you register with, you have another affiliate to look after and a different sets of general business rules to adhere to.

As a result, there are many movable parts that can be managed with all the different advertiser and products on CJ. However, if correctly managed, the revenue can far outweigh the revenue from a typical ad serving ecosystem like Google AdSense. More than a contextsensitive classic ad serving system that will optimise your CPC-based ad unit over the years, you need to continually test and update your links and promotions built on CJ-power.

Occasionally bids run out, advertiser drops their programmes or due to other reasons advertiser services deteriorate. There is a great deal of maintenance to ensure that outdated or malfunctioning hyperlinks and flags do not go online on your website and occupy precious properties. CJ Affiliate by Conversant is quite dependable from a support point of view, though not quite as supporting as the network that provides a devoted reporter.

Distributors should consult the advertiser themselves rather than the CJ for assistance with certain advertiser or offering products. However, some recruiters are not as reactive and do not have a unique individual to handle such enquiries, but a small pool of individual respondents who are generally not as supportive or reactive.

Overall, CJ Affiliate by Conversant is a very good affiliate advertising crawler. User-friendly though it may take a while to create reports, the affiliate panels are easy to use, and getting affiliate link and banner is easy enough. Optimising your offerings is another thing. Wherever it is a question of having several bids from several operators run through CJ, care must always be taken to achieve and maintain good outcomes.

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