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Affiliate Program

The Commission Junction is a popular affiliate advertising network that offers advertisers and online publishers advertising space for joint sale. And I worked with these two affiliate programs in my early days. Affiliate programs based on CJ. We' ve partnered with CJ Affiliate to help you get started. This website specializes in programs that allow companies to see more results.

The CJ Affiliate by Conversant launches enhanced solution for Affiliate Customer Insights

Today, CJ Affiliate by ConverversantTM announces the next development of its Affiliate Customers Insights offer, a proprietary insight tool developed to provide unparalleled insight that enables affiliate sellers to continuously assess, quantify and optimise the power of their affiliate programmes to drive revenue and increase efficiencies. This latest version, initially launched in September 2014, significantly enhances report functionality and includes more comprehensive report types, improved visualisation of information, and greater customisation to meet specific client needs.

The Affiliate Client Insights solution tracks client interactions across a number of publishing houses and leverages CJ Affiliate's own unique analytics capabilities and ConversantĀ®'s extensive user profile to provide a comprehensive perspective on affiliate marketers' activities. Affiliate Manager also uses the services to help affiliate manage the efficiency of affiliate publishing relationships, making it easier to optimize programs down to the unique publishing layer.

Among the stories that are provided about affiliate customer information are: See the percentages of each affiliate publisher's winning and losing one-of-a-kind new and recurring customer and the related revenues from these deals. Evaluate the purchasing behavior of typical consumers, which is controlled by each publishers as part of an advertiser's program. Benchmarking Channel: Easily check purchase tendencies and the salvage value of affiliate channels with non-affiliated channels.

Track the impact of affiliate brand exposition on travel to business convertions by using Conversant's determined, transaction-based match and 160 million perpetual, anonymized user profile. Further information on partner information can be found at www.partner. com. The CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) is a world-leading affiliate marketer that specializes in pay-for-performance solutions to improve results.

Through our ecosystem, we help connect billions of eConsumers every day by enabling fair, profitable relations between advertiser and publisher. Most of the world's best-known and most specialised affiliate brand names run their affiliate programmes on the CJ-Plattform. Convergent is a leading provider of personalised electronic merchandising. By helping the world's largest corporations achieve growth, Consversant creates personalised experience that delivers higher brand ROI and more human happiness.

Offering a fully featured personalisation experience, personalised content and one of the world's biggest affiliate networks - all driven by a profound appreciation of what drives individuals to get involved, join and buy.

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