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CJ vs. Rakuten and more. If your blog is ready for affiliate network ads, follow these steps to apply to Commission Junction: Affiliate CJ through Conversant Support & Contact Information. The plugin installs the necessary tracking code to join the CJ Affiliate Network. Comparison of side-by-side Rakuten Affiliate Network and CJ Affiliate.

Use CJ Affiliate from Conversant (formerly Commission Junction)

The CJ Affiliate by Conversant is a little more getting used to than Clickbank, but with a little practise you'll be able to get around it in no time! The CJ Affiliate is called the "Publisher"; to become a published affiliate, click the "Free publisher Sign-Up" button. Choose your preferred languages, countries and currencies and click "Next".

Choose your preferred languages, countries and currencies and click "Next". Note that the selected denomination is the denomination displayed when you use CJ - e.g. check out commission, display your earnings, etc. - and does not affect in which denomination you are deposited.

They will then need to review the CJ Affiliate Publisher Service Agreement. Please submit your completed form for further consideration. After logging in to CJ Affiliate, the first step is to fill in your personal information; the details vary depending on whether you are inside or outside the US, but to fill them in, go to your affiliate preferences, click Administration Preferences, and then process your personal information.

In order to view the ad hoc opportunities of your affiliates, we need to go to the "Affiliates" page. In the first row there is the "advertiser" - it is the real firm that does the advert. 3 Monate EPC" columns is the estimated mean amount of revenue generated by this affiliate for all 100 hits received by their link, using three months' value information.

Network Earnings is essentially a general measure of the amount of revenue the advertisers have to pay their publisher; the more greens, the better. In the last row, you can see whether you are part of this advertiser's programme or not, and you can sign up for one of these programmes by click on the plus sign.

They can also click the "P" to display their product or the "Link" to see what types of links resource they are offering you. Let's go see an ad man! I will choose the first one from the alcove "Health and Wellness". In order to submit an application, you can click on the name of the enterprise to call up its data.

You can learn more about them, how the provision works and if there are any limitations on using their link here. As soon as you are prepared to submit your application, simply click on the small "+" key on the right. Notice that some utilities refuse you for whatever reasons (e.g. too new, etc.), but otherwise most advertisers are queued until they either authorise or refuse you.

At the moment, all you have to do is await approval of your submission. As soon as your job offer has been accepted, you can see the person placing the offer by choosing "My Advertisers" from the list on the right. It is also possible to choose your outstanding or rejected resumes to display them as well. In order to actually receive your affiliate link, go to the link page above.

Choose the kind of hyperlink in the menue on the leftside, e.g. I want a textlink. When you click on the kind of hyperlink you will get a listing of the possible hyperlinks you can use. Those hyperlinks may refer to promotions or different product.

They will only be available to you after your request has been accepted. However, while you're awaiting your first request to be accepted so that you actually get your link, let's take a peek at the remainder of the CJ. In order to verify your affiliate revenue with CJ, click on the Report page.

Information is pretty simple and shows your actual balances and outstanding fees; at the moment they probably look like my bankroll if your bankroll is new. Find out whether your requests have been rejected or accepted, where you'll be notified of important upgrades and changes, and where to get in touch with them.

This was a fundamental overview of how to use CJ Affiliate from Conversant; be free to continue and try to get involved in some more programmes!

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