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Partners can use either our CJ Partner Program or our in-house program with Impact Radius. Register today with the CJ Affiliate. In order to register at the CJ, go to the homepage and use the customer login at the top right. Join Pink Jeep Tours' new affiliate program on the ground floor! Partner program management is more than just recruitment, activation, and policy compliance.


CafePress promises to empower consumers to find the best range of appealing product to use. With over 300'print on demand' product choices, we are able to offer you every imaginable solution. CafePress Affiliate Programs make it simple to make up to 15% revenue from sales* with a constantly changing range of promotional offers, voucher coupons and product selections.

If recommendations purchase the product you are linking to, your affiliate key will be recognised and you will receive a refund. *Voucher site is not entitled to receive a 15% fee (CafePress retains the right to decide which websites are voucher sites). Provisions are only permitted from within the CafePress Marketplace and not from single shop operator pages.



Whether you're a new customer, new to our ecosystem, or new to affiliate recruiting, our customer service staff can help you find the answers you're looking for. Full support: Do you have an inventory customer with an in-depth query? Register with the Help Center or get in touch with us to help.

Are you interested in becoming a customer? No customer yet? When you own a website or blogs and want to make revenue by advertising your brand, product or service, you are a publishing company (sometimes called an " affiliate "). For more information on how advertisers and publishers work together, read the Power of Affiliate brochure.

If you create a free publishers affiliate you will be able to view all available publishers in our affiliate market. It is recommended that you scan your spam or junk-mail folder, as some e-mail service senders have stringent inbox filters that can redirect legit mail to these directories. As soon as you have added the filters, we suggest that you re-submit your e-mail via the Free publisher signature up to get the confirmation e-mail.

It is recommended that you use a different e-mail-address to complete the registration procedure for the publishers. Are you already a customer? When you try to login to an existent user and your passcode is not recognised, it is either because you are using an improper e-mail-address or an invalid passcode. For resetting your username and username, please go to our login help page.

In case the received passphrase does not work, please make sure to enter your user name and passphrase by hand to prevent that you copy and paste a preceding or following blank that would invalidate it. Please use our login help page to restore your login name. Once you have sent your e-mail, you should get a response with a NEW PIN.

Failure to recieve an e-mail with your spam mail address and your spam mail account within an hours will result in a spam mail. If you successfully login with the allocated passphrase, we suggest that you modify the passphrase to suit your needs. Browse to Account > Administration Settings > User Preferences and choose Edit.

Then you will be asked to type in your actual username, which is the automatic username you got. Please be sure to obey the instructions to reaccept the Publisher Service Agreement. Please call our customer support if you are not able to enable your activation this way. As an advertiser, if your affiliate has been disabled, you will need to directly call our customer support staff to have your affiliate reactivated.

A number of team members have recently contacted you regarding the state of your area. Messages are sent to the e-mail address specified in your profile and usually contain directions on how to re-activate your profile or who to contact for more information. To get full help on any of our Help topic, please login to our Support Center.

Contact our support team at 800-761-1072.

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