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Affiliate of Cj Conversant

You are an affiliate advertiser? Talk to us about your business and we will connect you with the right people to advise you on your partner advertising options. Gain the transparency you need to drive affiliate strategies like never before. The CJ Affiliate is one of the largest affiliate channels on the market. CJ Affiliate was successful in serving its English-speaking customers, but could not provide ad.

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Affiliate through Conversant: Converting tag integrations

The Conversant (Commission Junction) solution simplifies and promotes fair, profitable relations between advertiser and publisher. Our wizard-driven integrations allow you to generate loading policies to establish when and where to initiate this supplier. Affiliate through Conversant: Convertion tag can be implemented in the following way: Equipment Delivery These Connectors transmit information to the required supplier or customer directly from the customer or equipment from which the information originates.

Recieve information from the original customer or equipment and submit that information to the requested supplier or to the requested services. Recieve information from the original customer or equipment and submit that information to the requested supplier or to the requested services. Submit all your information to your preferred endpoint providers or marketers.

An example of a cell telephone would probably transmit an events property "screen_name" that represents the name of the monitor displayed by the end users. Browsers These Connectors require that they retrieve default events from a Web browsers, such as current_url, referring_url, page_name, page_category, and others. Portable applications have a wide range of traditional incident properties like "screen_width", "screen_orientation", etc.

Customer Insights from Affiliates through CJ Affiliate

Transaction information with the performance of more than 200 million one-of-a-kind user profile. High performance and propriety reports that offer transparency and value that is unmatched in the affiliate industry. Glimpses. Gain the transparency you need to advance affiliate strategy like never before. Leave behind the hassle of compiling and analyzing information from different source.

We' ve taken the guessing from our comprehension of why your affiliate programme works and given you the insight to achieve greater success. Get in-depth analyses on new client recruitment, retention, online versus off-line, and channels benchmarks - all in one easy-to-read reporting. A clothing retailer boosted YOY revenue during Thanksgiving selling by using affiliate client information to re-evaluate the publisher's value.

They rank each publishing house by the ability to increase revenues, attract new clients, impact off-line selling, and invest the right issues at the right times. Analyse the percent of uniquely new clients gained through the affiliate franchise versus the unaffiliated franchises and the related revenues from these deals. Easily leverage the impact of affiliate user-clicks on the journey to in-store convertions by linking affiliate click information with customer-specific purchasing information.

Easily track your affiliate program's performance by comparing your affiliate order value, follow-up orders, and related revenues from affiliate and non-affiliate program purchases. Administer the entire enterprise with deep insight and practical advice. An expert analysis of your company's information is carried out by our expert staff, who will make their own extensive reports available to you, which will be presented to you in the frequency that works for your company.

"The Affiliate Customer Insights gives our marketers the opportunity to look beyond our core key figures by giving insights into the consumer behind the clicking and converting within their affiliate programs. Would you like to find out if your programme is suitable?

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