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cj Advertising staff reviews on cj advertising culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. Latest tweets from cj Advertising (@cjAdvertising). Situated in the heart of downtown Nashville, cj Advertising is a full-service advertising agency serving only personal injury brands. Find detailed, verified customer reviews on cj Advertising. cj Advertising specializes in graphic design, public relations, video production and SEO.

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When it comes to developing the largest bodily injuries trademarks in the United States, we take advertising seriously. Ranging from spirit weeks and fancy -dress competitions to birthdays gifts and cool money for well-done work - we stand out for our work, our rewards for our work, and we have some great time.

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The agency is devoted to the topic "Growing Brands and Growing Peoples". You do this with a shared vision and strategy for a collaboration team that promotes personal development, provides a supportive workspace, unprecedented levels of client care and enjoyment. While not many businesses are living what they represent every day, cj Advertising is doing it.

Continuation of camel culture! cj is a great place to work in general. Management teams are agile and accessible (including CEO & VP), everyone is excited to be part of the action, etc. Besides the general corporate culture and corporate culture - there are also: -ROWE working environments also means that you can work from home whenever you need to - and at mix. you can take your own meetings as long as necessary.

Because of all the benefits, I realize that I'm a little less, but that was a significant void between what I could do elsewhere, even other advertising companies. Appreciate your co-workers, don't just speak about it. Otherwise, the enterprise has a great deal of untapped business opportunities. Presented as "Nashville's Best Place to Work", offering tonnes of discounts, an entertaining setting, a relaxed ambience and committed people.

Handle your staff the way you would have liked them to be. Earn their confidence through sincerity and esteem. Flexibility of timetable, child- and dog-friendly, great discounts, funny adventures and AWESOME cultur! It is a complete catastrophe, and it has only recently acknowledged that. Rather than concentrating on paying 401,000 euros and truly competitively priced wages to committed staff, they concentrate on counterfeit benefits such as barbecues and an informal working milieu.

An informal working atmosphere is no longer a corporate advantage. cj' s managers are not sure how it can help staff members growing and getting better at their work. Rather than discussing areas of below-average performance with staff, they will sneak around the topic and act like everything is great for their face and then discuss how they really want to let go of that one.

Good people never remain because they quickly realise that performance is bad, managers are rigged and opportunities for expansion are a misplaced notion. Perhaps it is because these staff do not bother about being challenging in their career and want to waste their time hiding instead of studying and grow. Chief Executive Officer determined he couldn't manage his company's electronic branch, so he gave up and handed it over to an IT consultancy.

If your staff work incredibly harshly for you, why don't you give them a bonus and give them the kind of consideration they deserve? What do you do? Most of the staff do not put their faith in top managers and have the feeling that everything they say is only part of the story. That doesn't make for a great working area. A great working atmosphere - relaxed, entertaining, with many advantages and great versatility.

First, I was enjoying the working atmosphere until I recognized the policy behind everything. Changing your corporate identity! cj advertising currently has one of the poorest working conditions in the marketing/advertising world. Conduct the dialog with your staff.

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