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The largest and most popular Christian job search & career website in Australia. The Ohio Christian University hires remote recruiters and additional faculty in a variety of subjects. Search for jobs with keywords: Remote, Virtual and Online. Find hundreds of current jobs. In search of legitimate work - from home - related to your faith?

Cristian Jobs Australia: Search by state Victoria

SUC Victoria offers an enthralling.... Salvation Army Salvation Army is one of the biggest Christian organizations in the word. SCHULKAPLAN - NEERIM DISTRIKT SECOND COLLEGATION Place:..... As the Baptist College of Victoria and as an agent of the Baptist Union, Whitley College is an....

As the Baptist College of Victoria and as a representative of the Baptist Union, Whitley College..... Distinguish yourself in an organization that changes people's life.

72 Christian jobs in Melbourne VIC

While Whitley is looking for a mentor to fill the role of lecturer in ministry studies. Lecturers are in charge of the implementation, coordination and..... Corus Connect (formerly ACCESS Services) Educational counselors provide counseling and counseling solutions that help pupils feel emotionally comfortable..... While Whitley is looking for a candidate to fill the role of financial manager.

Finance Manager is in charge of the company's strategy and.... Student Life Manager's function (internally known as Residential Life Manager) is to coordinate the student's stay as a Residential Life.... Receive new jobs every day by e-mail.

Look for Christian job openings in areas such as selling, bookkeeping, teaching, and more.

Look for Christian jobs in areas such as selling, bookkeeping, teaching, training, and more. Complementary online careers assistance includes summary authoring as well as careers support, interviews, interviewing, and careers consulting to help people find their vocation. Jobs and an invaluable CV base to help companies, non-profit and Christian organisations find the right people.

Supplementary company ressources such as backgrounds, position reviews, pay comparison and more help companies develop their employees.

How to find Christian Work-at-Home jobs

I get a ton of e-mails every weekend from girls looking for legit jobs to do from home. If I ask them about their passion, abilities and previous experiences, many of these girls mentioned their Christianity. Given that belief and religious belief are so important in the life of so many people, it seems only appropriate to investigate the business and possibilities for religious jobs.

When you want to integrate your beliefs into your workath-at-home career quest, here are six places where you can find Christian workath-at-home jobs. Work-to-house Christian jobs: When I first wrote this article, my original aim was to find Christian businesses that regularly employ staff remotely. However, in my intense research I could only find a few businesses.

They are currently recruiting additional teachers to deliver university classes online. EXEC-USS is a private, christian run business that employs online hostesses. The Grand Canyon University is a religious establishment that incorporates a Christian philosophy into its syllabus. Currently, they recruit both part-time and full-time faculties to work online.

The Northwest Christian University is hiring additional lecturers to provide online teaching in a wide range of disciplines. Look online for offers that contain the indexword. The Ohio Christian University is hiring telerecruiters and additional lecturers in a wide range of disciplines. Browse for jobs with keywords: Online, Secure, Virtual as well as Online. Don't be afraid, my quest isn't over yet.

I' ll keep on searching the Internet and looking for more Christian businesses offering live webigs. Christ jobs boards: There' a TON of online jobs portals, and I found a few Christian jobs portals, but frankly, I was dissapointed with the results. The Christian Career Fair is a department of the Christian Career Center.

This page allows you to browse for jobs under the "Work from Home" heading. But the two offers that appeared under this heading were for home shopping possibilities. You said they were Christian companies, but they both seemed to "quickly get wealthy. When you choose to use this website, make sure that you exercise due care before you apply for any job or position.

Cristian Jobs is a jobs exchange that "connects faithful in the work place. "Here you can look for jobs and publish your CV. Of these, two were possibilities for indirect distribution, but they were not even for Christian businesses. Third list that came up was not a home work at all, but a day care center with the words "home" in the name.

It may be a good place to file your CV, but be wary of looking for jobs - make sure you do your research. When you want to use a jobs site for your research - I would suggest using Indeed, FlexJobs or Upwork. They not only take care of distance, part-time and freelancer work, but also check every offer by hands so that you know that every vacancy on the site is legal.

Untilwork is a project-related, free-lance jobs exchange. In order to browse for concerts, please enter the word "Christian" in the field below. Sale of Christian products from home: Whilst not a profession in itself, face-to-face marketing is a cash making occasion that you can do from home. With a minimum charge, the affiliate company will provide you with a start up pack that contains everything you need to get going.

This is where you start to adhere to the in-depth product selling guidelines, which are usually done through in-home events or catalogue-selling. You will receive a fee for every purchase you make. What is beautiful about the retail sector is that there are a number of Christian businesses. Bling Christian Bling distributes faith-inspired jewellery, accessoires and presents.

Advisors can generate 20% - 29% on single sale commissions and extra percentage on collaborative work. On this occasion you make a small entry charge and in exchange you receive free jewellery credit. The Grace & Heart is a directory distribution business that distributes faith-inspired jewellery. There is not much information on their website about the occasion so you need to get in touch with them if you are interested in teaming up.

Outfitters is a Christian-inspired online retailer that distributes personalised handbags, jewellery and presents. Advisors can generate 20% - 35% on face-to-face purchases as well as extra percentage on collaborative purchases. The Martha and Mary is a Christian-inspired retail distribution firm that provides a uniquely diverse mix of economy and service, including home living, jewellery, kitchenware, crockery and giftware.

Advisors can make 25% - 40% revenue based fee, plus extra percentage for teambuilding. Premium Designs is a Christian-inspired retail jewellery retailer that offers a large selection of jewellery. Advisors can make 50% on revenue and another 10% on selling teams in the first three tiers.

Tirty-One is a Christian-inspired jewellery store that offers personalised handbags, pouches, purses, jewellery, accessoires, baskets as well as pouches. Advisors can receive 25% fee plus bonus. is a Christian musical and physical education programme. You will be provided with all the means to introduce Christian musical and physical education class to your loved ones and your family.

This is a commercial space for other occasions such as free-lance work, coachings, speeches, social networking or sales. Open door to new possibilities and possibilities. Have a look at Jill over at CWAHM, Bob at Christian Personal Finance, Glennon at Momastery or Jen Hatmaker in her self-titled blogs. Are you looking for Christian trademarks and associates to work with?

Obviously, you can turn to the above mentioned distributors, but here are a few more choices you should consider. Independent Christian writer: If you are a free-lance author, you will research, compose and process your own works for customers. This is the best tip for anyone who wants to be a free-lance author.... Keep it up!

Below are some Christian freelancer classes and textbooks that can help you on your trip. Whilst this is far from a exhaustive listing, it will provide you with a good starting point for your Christian home employment seek. So if you know of a Christian home office, an occasion or a distributor, let me know and I will include them in the listing.

Note that we only support advertisements from businesses that we can rightly refer to our readership.

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