Chinese Affiliate Program

China Affiliate Program

Leverage Chinese affiliate marketing as a cost-effective channel to drive website conversions in the form of leads or e-commerce sales with Chinese customers. Find out how affiliate marketing works in China. In fact, there are various affiliate marketing programs. Does a friend learn Chinese? Many curated quality contents are specially tailored to the Chinese market.

Building an armed force of Chinese subsidiaries to increase revenue and reduce total costs per new customer canvass.

Building an armed force of Chinese subsidiaries to increase revenues and reduce total costs per new customer canvass. China Affiliate Branding is an ultra high performance and cost-effective way to promote website conversion in the shape of lead or e-commerce revenues from Chinese clients. Help you list your product and service listings with the most trusted partner programmes and maintain your platform and partner relationship management.

In addition, we recruit, select and approve new subsidiaries and fluencers. While we work with all major Chinese affiliate programmes, we specialise in AliExpress, and Amazon.

Affiliate Chinese Affiliate Branding - China Affiliate Branding

The Chinese affiliate channel runs through various different media. Every months we will provide you with a detailled account and an analyse of the results. As the leading and most prominent web & China agency you will find on the Internet. Ecommerce, search engine optimization, advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

The Chinese affiliate industry is very much in demand in the Chinese arena to push website conversion in the shape of lead or e-commerce revenue. You know, China has many e-commerce plattforms like, Taobao, Tmall globally and Tmall. Our expertise can help you boost sales in the Chinese markets.

Our Chinese team's experience can help you select the best affiliate marketer for your particular brands. We have a dedicated sales force that knows the best platform to help your sales. We analyse the markets, your competition and can pinpoint the chances for economic development in your sector as well as the relevant requirements.

Knowing the e-commerce platform is an obligation to be able to resell your goods on-line. To help you, we make a monthly review of your results and related campaign analyses available to you. In order for Chinese clients to find your product well, it is also important to use all sophisticated categorisation tools.

What can I do to resell my product in China? There are many e-commerce sites where you can resell your product. These are the three most used plattforms for your trademark. This is the most trustworthy e-commerce site. With its rigorous and periodic checks, Tmall's flagship product is a top-notch product that appeals to the Chinese.

JD: This is the number one e-commerce platforms for electronic products in China. The website is therefore an intelligent plattform for all electronic producers planning to sell in China. Viral marketing campaigns will be much more likely to bring both short-term results and the use of a viralOL.

Which is the leading affiliate marketer in China? Alibaba Group (Alimama) and Baidu are the two largest affiliate markets.

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