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With Easy Mob we can help you monetize mobile traffic, buy mobile traffic and help you with mobile banner advertising. You will regret it later if you do not take advantage of the mobile phone now. A world-class mobile advertising network and mobile app monetization using first-party data and the most advanced targeting and advertising formats. Because Facebook magicians aren't as cheap as you think. The mobile communication also enables a cost-effective form of direct advertising.

The 9 most popular mobile advertising network you should try.

In the last ten years, mobile phones have conquered the globe, with the number of web surfers surpassing that of PCs. Advertising reacted to this shift by starting several mobile advertising clusters, but the search for a trusted cloud can be a challenge. Let's take a look at some mobile advertising grids that publisher and developer guarantee on a regular basis.

One of the most extensive advertising technologies portfolio in the business, offers one of the most complete ranges of advertising technologies in the sector, including Advertising, Mobile, Native, Locally, Advertising, Display, Advertising, Product and Advertising Videos. It is the originator of the Advert Advertisement Screen Research (D2S) ad formats, a advanced methodology for monetising ad placement by pinpointing the intention of users to perform searches and viewing related query terms that result in the viewing of advertisements purchased by marketers based on a cost-per-click (CPC) type of advert.

Marketers have experienced a very high conversion/sales through this ratio, without the risks of having to buy CPM mediums where they run the risks of having to pay for mediums that the user has not dealt with. These are some great advantages you can get from operating mobile advertising units:

In the first three month you can make an extra 10% sales with our affiliate by registering here. The first on the shortlist is the mobile advertising group AdMob from the technology group Google. With its AdSense advertising platforms, Google is the dominant provider of advertising spaces and the mobile advertising landscape is no different.

When you are a novice in mobile advertising, there is no better place to start than AdMob. Advertising on the site is far less offensive and obtrusive than on other sites. AdMob, on the other hand, has been criticised by consumers because its revenue is at the bottom of the chart.

LaunchApp allows you to deploy interactive advertising, which means that between two pages or segments of your website or mobile app, an ad temporarily occupies the display. While it is seen as a more obtrusive type of advertising than conventional advertising banners, some have generated much higher revenues from interactive advertising.

At InMobi, they have created a new way of addressing target audiences called application targetedting. ApoGographic Targeting enhances the opportunity to connect consumers to the types of assets and Apps they are most likely to use. This is done by using user application based and prior application targeted rather than using key figures such as Demography or Earth.

Someone with many race matches on their mobile phones, for example, is approached with race-related advertising. Flurry's analytical scope is something that is truly one-of-a-kind for them, with the possibility for a programmer or an organization to supervise an entire suite of apps spread across multiple app store across different platform boundaries.

They can also categorise the analyses you collect, e.g. to separate payed from free people. Flurry, which is formally part of the Yahoo Developer Network and its app publishing, shows great sales growth opportunities with its comprehensive analysis capabilities. The Millennial Media solution provides rugged but potentially obtrusive advertising opportunities for designers to monetise their applications.

Millennial Media offers one of the largest sales opportunities for developer companies thanks to its interactive, streaming, video as well as image-based full-screen format capabilities built on users' feedbacks and commentary. Millennial Media is proud to be a mobile-first programming advertising space that enables mobile advertising exchanges for designers and marketers.

As part of the ad ecosystem, the program driven ad space with real-timeidding allows ad designers to market their premium ad properties to the highest performing buyer, which means that the sales opportunity for premium value apps is very high. While not everyone can achieve the top numbers, for those with potentially lucrative advertising space in the eye of large companies and brand names, the Millennial Media Networks may be the place to get the best sales.

When it comes to real-time advertising and promotional programming, another name that comes to your head is the name ofmaato. It is a powerful partner when it comes to high income for mobile application and website developer. Offering a "dynamic demand" technology that allows all advertising resources to run a per-impression contest to generate the maximum return for publishers, the publishers are able to create a unique and powerful advertising experience.

With over 390 requesting parties, Smaato's platforms are freely integrable, so there are no drawbacks in their use and the sales opportunities look bright as you meet the imagination of the requesting parties. Leadbolt is an Australia-based firm that recently started its Mobile Ad Networks operations in 2011.

They have won the Australian Business Award in just four years and currently place over five billion advertisements per month in 65,000 applications in 150 states. Let your developer take advantage of several tidy functions, of which the App Wall must be the best; it allows you to incorporate your advertising into your applications without an executable program (SDK) or a line of writing.

This also provides a unified environment for designers to manage their apps and view their work. These analysis features include appointment commitment statistics that measure the commitment of endusers to the appointment. In this way, the developer can optimise the equilibrium between the use and the ads displayed, so that the number of ads does not cause a significant reduction in retention.

Designers can use both interactive and streaming ad in their product and test which ad types work better in each of the different settings and rankings. Distributors can contact directly premier advertisers through the Directory Deal Marketplace, resulting in high fill ratios and higher level iCPM. Advertising with Pepsi, Walmart and Groupon is a great way to say that the leadbolt revenue opportunity is amazing for them.

Once you've won your first ever goldmine with an application, you want to keep your fans up to date with your new application, which is why cross-promotion of your new application in your legacy application is a high-performance and highly appreciated way to increase your download and win rates. That' s why Chartboost has won an amazing group of mobile phone games designers as customers, reaching from Rovio to DirtyBit.

Chart-boost is characterized by cross-promotion, but also provides the most beloved pure mobile advertising plattform for gaming applications. According to them, they work with 90% of the top 10 mobile phone application designers. Are you a creator of gameplay? If so, Charartboost has plenty of room for your promotions.

Encourage partner development partners to make smart advertising campaign choices using their open and data-driven platforms. Chartbooost provides both interactive and visual advertising and has been designed to be easy to integrate; a unique SDK fits all advertising canals. Sales participation is one of the pillars of Chartboost's advertising activities.

Chartbooost allows you to see who is advertising in your application and gives you full power over who can and cannot do this. Since Apple punished Tapjoy, Charartboost has been at the forefront of all cross-platform promotional networking, and you can't go wrong with it when developing mobile game.

Functions such as analysis and controls panel are now standard for mobile advertising networking, but you should check the difference between them because all plattforms can do some things better than others. These eight ad impression sites are trusted ad impression sites that process millions of ad images each year. To those looking for the highest revenue, Millennium Media is the most frequently mentioned one.

However, Chartbooost will be better suited for games creators, as their platforms are optimised for mobile games creators and their target is player focused. Whatever your chosen type of networking, keep in mind that you can always change to another if you are not 100% happy with your original selection.

Those backbones are very competitively priced, so switching from one backbone to another is made as simple as possible with the help of an SDK that is incredibly simple to use. Test between two or three nets is also an intelligent choice that you should make in a context where you are not sure which nets are best suited for your application.

Selecting the right networking for your applications is not an effortless job, but hopefully this best eight networking guide will make it a little bit simpler for you.

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