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Promote in today's most popular magazines! Your small or display ad can be placed in almost any magazine in the country. An affordable, local digital advertising solution. Newspaper advertising is a proven way to increase your sales. For newspaper or magazine advertising, you should always request proof.

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Do you have a specialty store or market? Advertising in the regional part of a magazine can then be a clever move. Costs typically range from $500 to $20,000, based on whether the release is domestic or domestic, the scale of your ad, whether you use colour, and whether you have agreed a multi ad plan.

Up to $500,000 can be spent to buy the inside covers of some domestic journals! In magazine advertising, most of us think of the big, shiny, nationwide publication full of big brands. It may seem that your own company is not one of the "big boys", especially if you don't market your products outside a hundred miles - or even outside your own state.

Indeed, the next you open one of these domestic journals, it is quite possible to see an ad for a company located directly in your own city that has only that one city. This is because many domestic journals, like many other advertising formats, have small company segments.

Naturally, these are slightly bigger than what you are used to, and include areas such as the "Northeast" or "Southwest" of the United States. So, while you reach far outside your neighbourhood, you also draw in businesses locally (and can simply impress the natives) who see your ad on these pages.

Whom should promote in the regional columns of the country journals? Humans will go great lengths to find a new vendor or experts or specialists for their hobbies, and they will pass on the message of your presence to others with similar interests. They can probably cater for most or even all of them with just one ad if they all fit into one of those large geographic areas that are marketed as "local".

" On the first pages of each magazine you will find advertising contacts where you can request a press pack and find out about prices and delivery dates. Be sure to ask for a card showing what each region has to offer. Obviously, advertising in nationally distributed journals will be costly, even if you only advertise in your own section, and it is not the right way for most small and medium-sized companies.

There is no need to build such a large network - what you really need is a selection of papers that are tightly linked to your targeted group. However, one of the options is to really go locally with free journals that you would find in food shops or chemists. This kind of publication focuses on home selling, automobiles, boats and other subjects - you have probably chosen one yourself.

As long as the reader of one of the magazine's themes is interested in your products or services, your company doesn't need to link directly to them. You will also find the details of contacts for advertising in these books on the first pages.

A thing to keep in mind is that these types of free papers are released on different timetables, sometimes only a few a year. And, as with most journals, your deadlines are well before your release date, so don't just sit back and take out an ad until the last second.

Regardless of what kind of book you are purchasing room in, ask the following question before you buy an ad space: How is the edition of the magazine? Demographic data of reader? What is the frequency with which the magazine is released? Which specific chapters or topics are scheduled for the year?

Please also keep in mind that with all our magazine ads you have the option of saving on every ad by accepting to place an ad in more than one edition. Indeed, it's a good way to see which companies that target the same target group as you in any magazine are advertising on a sustainable footing before you buy magazine room.

The majority of journals also advertise on their websites, sometimes at a very low price - even free of charge - when you advertise in their printed editions. Make sure you put your web site and/or your web site on every printed ad, no matter where it is running, and place a hyperlink on your ad that leads visitors directly to your own site.

Regardless of which magazine you are advertising in, your messages must be powerful and eye-catching. They only have a few seconds to attract readers' interest and get them to look at the remainder of the ad. Brilliant graphics and an interesting heading will help you connect with your readership right away.

Kobliski is the founding partner of Silent Partner Advertising in Syracuse, New York. She' s also the writer of Advertising Without an Agency Made Easy.

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