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And who has the best cheap web hosting? Which are the most common problems with cheap hosting offers? A lot of websites and blogs will run well on cheaper web hosting plans. But if you're looking for cheap hosting, you don't want to find cheap service instead! Inexpensive hosting is everywhere on the Internet, but not all providers offer quality and low prices.

Best 7 "cheap" web hosting services in 2018 (from 0.80 $/month to 2.95 $/month)

High page loading times, dependable uptime and competent hot call client liaison are key considerations when selecting an available hosting. You need a cheap web hosting that is both dependable and quick. Fortunately, for over 40 month we have reviewed and tested various web hosting (across all pricing ranges) and put together a complete listing of the best hosting providers on the web.

We will help you browse the mass of ISPs in this guidebook to find an accessible hosting provider that meets your needs and your budgets. Of all the hosting we've looked at, the HostGator Cloud is by far the most powerful of all. Provide dependable web hosting at relatively low cost ($2.99/mo).

Only 1, 3 or 6 monthly schedules are covered, so it is advisable to create a 24 or 36 monthly schedule to prevent high extension rates. Your last 12-month operating period is 99. 97% with only a fistful of outages. One more good thing about HostGator Cloud is that they are really quick - the website loading speed averages 419 ms.

Provide good (and competent) customer service with an avarage reaction of only 3mins. HostGator Cloud (NOT HostGator shared) web hosting packages typically cost $13.99/month. It' by far one of the most beloved, cheapest and most affordable hosted sharing solutions available - for good reasons! Providing high availability - 99.99% - and their mean loading times on the basis of last 10 month dates is just over 425 ms.

In comparison to another cheap HostMetro (1511ms) your website would be almost 3 x quicker! They are also VERY novice and if this is your first hosting, you can also get a free from them. Finally, they also provide a 24/7/365 sex channel for all their clients.

Most of the drawback in their bid is that the least expensive scheme only comes with a 36+ month covenant. We have Hostinger in third place. Whilst they are one of the least expensive web hosting companies, they seem to have a great load times, but one area where hosters used to fail was the operating age.

Usually they give sound figures, but in recent years December has proven to be a really hard months for them - our website with only 99.02% of operating time. The Hostinger is the second quick webhost we've tested so far - at 385ms. Cheap pricing, long loading time and hopefully improved operating hours make it a very affordable one.

The best deal is only $0.80 per month. You will also provide 24/7 chat via their website which is a sound advantage to have. In the last ten month we have achieved a remarkable availability (99. 93%) and performance (893ms). Some tough month (December 2017 for operating time and September 2018 for speed) have pushed them slightly below the sector averages in both category.

However, they top the absolute low hosting rates list: $1.99/month for the first year! Every low-cost Internet site is faced with its own set of problems and demands, and unfortunately iPage is no different. Whilst they have a decent support staff, neither that nor the low cost can compensate for the slower loading time and uneven operating time.

In the last 10 month they have achieved an operating life of 99.98% and an approximate loading life of 820 ms. You can see that your iPhone is taking less to charge. Our belief is that they are selling their service at such a competitive price. The operating period has been constant at 99.95% for ten month.

Otherwise, they could be even higher on our roster. Thus you do not accept a big achievement hits with this "cheap" webhost. Your support team was even fast and attended our online meeting in less than five moments.

It' a good all-round hosted, though, and it doesn't make any compromises. Last web hosting on our site is last place for one reasons and only one reasons - time up.

A further problem is the loading speed. You want to know the intersection? Only because you do not have a large household does not mean that you should be satisfied with an inferior webmaster.

What cheap hosting provider did you use? You can also test and try out cheap host, so please send us your proposals :).

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