Chaturbate Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Chaturbate

Be a webmaster, earn money by advertising the Chaturbate affiliate program. Be a webmaster, register for the Chaturbate affiliate program and earn money advertising one of the best adult camming sites. Perhaps I should use another affiliate program? The Chaturbate affiliate program is highly recommended if you have an adult webcam site. You can register here as an affiliate for the official Chaturbate affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Chaturbate

20 percent rev-share will be payed on all purchase of tokens from the mediated traffics. $1.00 will be charged for all tier 1 registrations, $0.10 for all tier 2 registrations, and $0.01 for all Tier 3 registrations. Channel: For every registrated subscriber who has a broadcast worth $20.00, $50.00 will be used.

There are no specific links required. When a sender registers under any arbitrary Linkcode, it will be added to your account. 5 percent rev-share is payable on all affiliate revenue from referrals. There are no specific links required. You will be given a credit if a member logs in under a Linkcode.

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Which is the affiliate program?

We have a large selection of advertising utilities including Banner, Popunder, Text and IM ads. These advertising utilities are available at: Our affiliate programmes include: 20 percent rev-share will be payed on all purchase of tokens from the mediated traffics. 5 percent rev-share is payable on all affiliate revenue from referrals. In order to handle the affiliate revenue payments, please complete the following online application requesting your affiliate account information.

Withdrawals can be made by cheque or fax and you can specify how you want to be cashed with these choices. Note that there is a minimal amount that is needed to get a withdrawal, most methodologies begin at a minimal of $50.00. Terms of payments are from (1. to 15.) and (16. to 31.) of each monthly.

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About the Chaturbate Affiliate Program

affiliate program, earn cash by advertising the Chaturbate affiliate program. The Chaturbate is one of the most beloved gambling websites, and they provide a large affiliate program. You should also advertise the recommendation programmes for models and masters. At Chaturbate, we provide our partners with all the necessary utilities, as well as embedded chat rooms and a white-labelled website builder. Whatever your needs, Chaturbate has the right tool for you. Here you can find all information about the Chaturbate affiliate program.

For the Chaturbate partner program, two different provision structure are available. Chaturbate Partner Program provides a 20% reshare. Partners make 20% of all loan buys made by new clients referring to the site. At Chaturbate we also offer a Pay-Per-Lead (PPL). affiliates receive a fee for all free registrations directed to Chaturbate.

Make $1 for Tier-1 country, $0. 10 for Tier-2 country and $0. 01 for Tier-3 country. The Chaturbate website provides a broad spectrum of advertising materials for the use of affiliated companies. These are the available advertising media / ad types: If you are a developer, use this to see who is on-line.

Chaturbate - When a visitor hits a hyperlink on your website, chaturbate appears in the foreground. Feed RSS - Syndicate Chaturbate to other sites and community sites. Immediate Modell Shortcut - Shortcut to a particular Chaturbate style type style. Whitelabelled Site-Builder - Rebrand Chaturbate as your own product and earns you a percent of all revenues earned with the whitelabel site edition.

Chaturbate Affiliate Program offers a white marked Website-Builder. This is a renamed copy of Chaturbate. At Chaturbate we take care of all the necessary operational details. The only thing you have to do is buy a domainname, make it aware of Chaturbate, set up your whitelabel and go online!

Gather a part of the revenues generated by the whitelabel site edition. Chaturbate partners can also use the recommendation program for webmasters and models of webcams in conjunction with the Chaturbate recommendation program. Any new affiliate you sign up with will generate 5% of their lifetime earnings.

Every new cam type you point to the site earns you $50 after the actor's first $20 turnover. Client recommendation link also works for recommending templates and masters, although there are specific target pages for templates and masters. Are you willing to join us as a Chaturbate partner?

Begin advertising one of the world' s top gambling websites. Chaturbate Affiliate Program offers a variety of great functions. Grab all the advertising media you need, plus embedding cameras, a ton of art to pick from, popular underwear, and even a white labeled site Builder. Deserve a handsome reviewshare or PPL and advertise the Modell- und Webmaster recommendation program.

Join Chaturbate today as a partner.

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