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Follow the conversion to chat from Google AdWords campaigns. This are your local support lines, so chat with the Google AdWords support team. I recently found an option on my Adwords page to contact a Google specialist via live chat. Already your company invests in Google AdWords. Here's an article that will teach you how to run an effective Google AdWords campaign that will increase your website's revenue.

Google AdWords Chat | LiveChat - Google AdWords Integrator

Follow the conversation to chat from Google AdWords campaign. With Google Adwords & LiveChat integrated, you can see which of your AdWords campaign leads to chat on your website. In addition, you can see the chat converter by clicking in your AdWords report. Knowing this, you know which of your campaign will have the highest interest.

AdWords is an adware application where an advertiser places a bids on a particular catchword to have its ad appear in Google's results. Now you can take any money you have and have full creative management over your ad spend. In addition, the system will help you reaching your targeted group at a point in your life that will increase your chance of converting.

It is also possible to personalise your ads and send them only to those at a particular place (geotargeting). In order to launch a promotion, you must select a catchword and a click per click (CPC) amount of your offer. Bidding indicates the amount you want to spend each and every times someone hits your ad.

Leverage the benefits of LiveChat archive and analyse the chat script to better understanding your customers' needs. Installing LiveChat is child's play.


Hello Ahmed, you can open your AdWords membership, click on the pinion symbol in the top right of the screen and then call the displayed telephone number or click on Help (same location) and use a different way to contact our team. When you don't have a gears symbol and instead have three periods and a query symbol (?), then use the new (beta) AdWords expertise and would click on the ? and use the displayed techniques to communicate with them.

This are your locale backup line, so chat with the Google AdWords backup group.

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