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Now, the main part is the Cam Affiliate Program. Each of our cameras has night vision, motion detection, audio and can be accessed anywhere with our free apps. A top webcam model agency that sets webcam models for the highest paid webcam jobs. Cam AFFILIATE has chosen its successful logo design. Best Live Cam Adult Affiliate Program XLoveCash is something you want to earn online with it in traffic arbitrage if you are a marketer.

Affiliate Program Adult Cam | Webmaster

Are you an grown -up affiliate looking for an affiliate programme, you have come to the right place. The purpose of this deal is to monetize your audience by partnering with other adults. Certainly, there are many businesses that provide an affiliate option to Cam and yes, some of them provide web based services.

Admittedly, the adultswecam shop is one-of-a-kind because there are two ways to make money: While most cam network sites provide an affiliate programme and a studios programme, they often do not work well. That means that any client or whatever type of person viewing your site would expect it to be your company's property and operated.

You would not be able to know that this is a web site under our affiliate programme and that it is a web site for our web site. That' s crucial for a model, because many of them don't want to work "under one studio"; they want to work directly for the superior Cam site. They can try to bypass you and log in directly to us if they think your site is an affiliate site.

Your site will be linked to your Traffic Alchemy affiliate ID via your own automatic traffic management system. Affiliates who sign up through your website are assigned your affiliate ID to ensure that you receive funding. Using a tradtional affiliate programme, once you submit a visitor to a third-party affiliate site, you have a good chance that you will never see that visitor again.

Hope he will buy something on the affiliate page, so you will get a referral fee. With our Affiliate Cam Affiliate Programme, however, you are linking to YOUR own labelled cam site, not to a third parties website. In addition, we provide the possibility of attaching a pushbutton in the navigational toolbar that points to your home page.

A fully stamped mould register sheet is available on your whitelabel website. That means you don't have to fill out your own sample application forms as they are integrated into your website. Our offer includes a fully burned pattern management and broadcasting area. Once a girl has logged in to send, she will log in to YOUR whitlabelult cam page and see YOUR trademark in her admin and broadcasting area.

All e-mails sent to our members and partners are marked with a whitelabel. They will never see an offering that takes them to one of our pages, and your model will never get an e-mail that refers to our name. Nobody will be able to say that your site is part of our affiliate programme.

There are many ways to customize the website, the pattern registry page and the pattern management area. In this way, for example, we can include your details in your sample application from. You can also substitute our off-the-shelf modeling tutorial with your own customized one. Within the range of the Modell recommendation programme we can substitute our default recommendation banner with user-defined banner which you submit to us.

You have the possibility to either send your modeling fees to your own recording room or directly to your own modeling team. The majority of salons prefers us to directly charge their clients because we save them the effort and formalities of editing cheques, submitting 1099 form sheets, etc... However, if you want full command of the fee payment, you can ask us to charge the full amount to your salon.

Our services include competitive fees on the side of adults studios as well as on the side of adults webmasters. Our fees on the studios side are 40 - 50% of the netturnover. It gives you full command over the amount you keep and the amount we charge your model.

If, for example, you make an 80/20 split with your styles, your styles get 32 - 40% of the gb and your studios get 8 - 10% of the gb. Define a standard overall percent and customize the percent distribution for each one. The most affiliate in our affiliate programme, the website master page, will choose our paid per sales programme, which gives you a one-time $75 fee on every member who registers through your whitelabel.

You can also apply for our revenues share programme, which will pay life-long commissions of 20 - 25% based on your sales volumes. Using the revenues share programme, every times your members buy, you make a living from them. All your designs are displayed at the same moment throughout our whole range of adults' labelled cams, not just on your website.

If a member purchases a show from your member, you and the member will earn the full fee, regardless of which page the member came from. We fill your adults page with your own personal information using our automatic modelling service. So your website will be immediately equipped with many different styles so that it appears lively and engaged.

It will make it simple to hire your own members and will also make a large stock of them available to you to advertise to your members. Keep in mind that you are earning the full affiliate fee for the Affiliate Cam programme for every member who signs up through your affiliate site, even if the person from whom he is buying the show is not one of your females.

Our site offers a one of a kind page ranking that prioritises your designs on your own page on the page of your website. By sending visitors to this particular page on your website, your clients will be exposed to your products first. It will increase the chances of making both the sample and affiliate commissions with a singular deal.

In addition, we provide free video clips of your own shows every day with the website brand. To promote your whitelabel, you can post these video clips on pipe pages like YouPorn. Spectators on the tubes pages view your video and then get an opportunity to go to your site to get their free credit.

The majority of organizations provide a studios and a webmasters programme, but are usually not well connected. If you advertise for our affiliate programme, it is like having your own website without all the problems and costs. Both your clients and your model will see your site as independent from each other and not as a subsidiary of a higher-level camwork.

In addition, any deal that affects your model is eligible for commission, including dealings on other websites that do not belong to you. Honestly, this is the ultimative adultcam affiliate programme!

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