Cake Affiliate Platform

Affiliate Platform

Affiliate networks like ClickDealer run on the Cake platform. The most affiliate platforms do not have this technology, and that is enormous. Associate networks that use the Cake platform: Look who you know under CAKE (getCAKE. When a network that uses CAKE wants to provide one of your offers, it must first add your affiliate tracking link as the default offer URL.

for OTCBBB: ACLZ, today introduced cupCAKE, a cost-effective, cloud-based ad campaigns software for affiliate marketing.

for OTCBBB: ACLZ, today introduced CupCAKE, a cost-effective, cloud-based ad campaigns software for affiliate marketing. Featuring rich functionality, real-time analysis and a scaleable architectural design, CupCAKE utilizes CAKE's high-performance SaaS business solutions, which have been the benchmark for advertising networking, branding and agency for years, to measureably enhance and streamline your marketing expenditures.

At the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas from January 12 to 14, CAKE will present cAKE. With its breadth of functionality and scaleability, cupCAKE allows clients to increase revenues without sacrificing the overall health of the customer experiences. Using cupCAKE's automatic self-service start-up, it is possible in just a few moments to enable a cloud-based personal labelling platform that allows clients to effortlessly build and link promotions to affiliated companies, follow conversations, and simultaneously gain entry to a single marketing platform with more than 500,000 sites and more.

The CAKE has undergone an intensive research phase with alfa customers, among them members of the existing customer community, to identify the key capabilities needed to run a winning partner programme in a constantly changing on-line environment. As a result, cupCAKE's functionality can be scalable to open up prospective commercial possibilities on the national and global arena, making it the entry-level choice for any affiliate marketing company.

At the Affiliate Summit West, both the CupCAKE and CAKE software will also be on show. ACLZ (OTCBBB: ACLZ), is a global provider of advanced management and communications technologies, a complete line of advanced management and analytics products for the global marketplace. It has now introduced CupCAKE, a cost-effective alternative for small and mid-size affiliate marketeers.

CAKE SaaS own in-house merchandising platform is used by the world's top corporations and the world's biggest affiliate merchant and network client list. CAKE's solution is built on dependable, feature-rich technologies and supported by the industry's premier support and engineering partnerships to ensure maximum availability.

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