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Sharing Token Data with Cake Affiliate Networks:. View real reviews, proof of payment, affiliate manager contacts, and more details about My Cake. is an iGaming affiliate program that deals with poker. Cake Offers - We are an affiliate network focused on the adult industry. Conversion tracking configuration for Cake-based networks.

2018 CAKE Review

Lovely that the coverage takes place within an hours and you can even follow the hyperlink where the transformation took place. The most affiliate plattforms do not have this kind of tecnology and that is enormous. And I like how you can tag your partner or your deal. In order to be able to send a bulk e-mail and attach hyperlinks, you must attach the listing to all your account(s).

If you want to submit an updated quote, you must contact EVERY partner via e-mail, even those who did not solicit it. It is not possible to contact only e-mail client actively involved in the offering. Link embedding is the most user-friendly feature, but on the CAKE side it's a pain if you do.

About 11 affiliate networking sites I used before using CAKE, and I was quite well informed in all. Thought CAKE was gonna be fun to find, but it took a while. As soon as you receive it, it's simple, but that will probably take a while for the typical users.

Lovely that you can see where a click or convert took place, but I always have to extract it to Excel to find the correct address. While I like to look at Gantt charts and compare YoY or MOM, CAKE doesn't have this one. Generally, an opt for Gantt charts (except the 1 weeks on the partner card) would be fantastic.

I' d also like to suggest the possibility on the dashboard to have the affiliate managers drill down into the Pie Graph so you can see who is making the biggest contribution to your sale that day/week/month/year. I' m relatively new to the business, but I' m not new to affiliate, so I have a general understanding of what these gateways look like.

If my partners register, they often find the system somewhat complex. Not even know if an affiliate has the opportunity to use the application, but I really enjoy reviewing it. I have no clue how much it will cost my business to use this, so I have chosen the cheapest one.

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