A simpler, clearer and faster website to search all properties for sale in Cyprus than any other website in the world. bysell, fysell - mysell, unchanged. "Contact Bysell Enterprises Pty Ltd on Oxley Road, Corinda, QLD. You can see the surname, the family coat of arms and the coat of arms of Bysell. Discover the Bysell surname story for the English origin.

Helmut Bysell (PhD, Project Manager).


BuySell is the only realtor in Cyprus who can make free, immediate valuations of your home if you want to know how much your home is valued. Look for tens of thousands of homes, apartments, flats, plots of lands and all kinds of properties for Sale in Cyprus. Easier, better structured, quicker than any other website in the business.

There'?s nothing more important here at BuySell than you. The purchase and sale of a home can be an exhausting or nightmarish affair if your agency does not communicate with you. BuySell protects you from financial and emotional injury from unfair realtors and defective realtorism.

We provide real estate brokerage, letting, transfer of ownership, housing and civil rights work. Every year in our albums we enumerate tens of thousand of new and resold homes for purchase throughout Cyprus.


This can be regarded as a kind of prenuptial understanding between counterparties/shareholders or is sometimes referred to as 'business intent'. Assured purchase and sale agreements (triggered buyouts are financed with lifetime assurance from participant owners) are often advised by estate agents and finance consultants to make sure the purchase and sale agreements are well financed and to make sure there will be cash when the purchase and sale incident is initiated.

Purchase/sale contracts consist of several legal provisions in a commercial relationship or an employment contract or a stand-alone arrangement and control the following transactions: a) the sale, purchase, or sale of a business: What can buy a withdrawing shareholder's or partner's interest in the entity (this can also involve outside parties or be restricted to other partner/shareholders); What will cause a buy-out (the most frequent causes of a buy-out are: bereavement, invalidity, retirement or a withdrawing owner) and; What will be the cost of a partner's or partner's interest in the entity, and so on.

The sale and purchase contract may take the shape of a cross-purchase programme or a repurchase programme (company or share buy-back plan). The use of a company trust is advisable for greater impartiality and efficiency of the buy-sell arrangements.

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