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Purchase advertising space on websites

You can use plug-ins such as AdSanity, AdRotate or Advanced Ads to set up ad space in your blog, or a third-party application such as OIO Publisher. Now, if you want to sell your advertising space, then you become a "publisher". Marketplace community for ad buyers and sellers. PurchaseSellAds is a popular advertising network from which webmasters can sell their advertising space to advertisers or advertisers can buy advertising space on other websites. With this traditional method of ad buying, the website owner sells you the advertising space for a certain period of time at a price determined by him.

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When you have a website with high value contents and are looking for ways to make cash on-line, the sale of advertising space is one of the simplest ways to make it. The sale/purchase of advertising space on websites works very well for both advertiser and publisher. It gives you full power to take advertisements that are only of interest to your audiences and you will know exactly how much you want to make on a month to month base.

Here are some of the best ad marketplaces where you can participate and earn cash as a publishers or advertisers: PurchaseSellAds is the biggest on-line advertising market place which exists since 2008 and continues to rapidly increase. As soon as your website has been accepted, it will be available for search in the market place ad servers.

Best of all, the Buysellad supports almost all ad types: Text, picture, email newsletters, web feeds and RSS feeds, they offer good visitor analysis and statistics for recruiters and accept PayPal. PurchaseSellAds pays you 75% of what each affiliate has payed, they keep the 25% of that amount.

For example, if an affiliate purchases a $100 advertising ad on your site, you only get $75, which is not too much, especially for the presence your site achieves with buyselladds. When your website has enough monthly views to subscribe to BuySellAds, it' s valuable and you will earn more than you earn with Adsense or other CPCs.

They can even use built-in sellads alongside CPC advertisements for maximal revenues. The Puxee Ad Market Place is the best option for Buysellad. When your site is not authorized with built-in sales, you can try Puxee because it's usually much simpler to authorize sites. Being a Puxee Publisher: You keep 75% of all your website's selling advertising space, the 25% goes to Puxee, which is good.

With Puxee, your site will be more visible to marketers and, like Buysellads, you will be deposited into your PayPalccount. Being a Puxee advertiser: you will find many pages related to your ad or your offering, you will also have full budgetary controls. Also Puxee has an Affiliate Programme, so you can earn some additional cash by referring affiliates to Puxee, and you will receive 5% of the total revenue generated by these affiliates within the first 30 trading day, which is another good thing about Puxee.

And AdSella is another good option for PaySellAds. The best thing about Adsella is that they allow bloggers and WordPress self hosting websites that allow small publishing houses to make some cash if they have a free blogger or WordPress weblog. As long as they have high value online published material in their own journals, Adsella will keep you 80% of your revenue.

Advertising space is also a good option for buy sell ads. for example. Advertise Space is good in that it accepts all Publisher almost immediately (free Blog and subdomain are allowed), it also supports app and app advertisements, which means that you can post your app or game in their market place.

Advertising space retains about 25% of your revenue, and you can make an extra 5-10% by directing individuals to your site who use PayPal on a monthly basis. There is no set advertising space rate for 30 consecutive business days, which makes Projekt wonderful slightly different from other advertising sites. It is a living bidder site where advertiser place ads and compete for the best offer.

Everyone can become the highest bidsder at any given moment, and any publisher can void any bids they don't like. With Project Wonderful you sell your precious amount of your own free space, not your own clicking posts, because you begin to earn cash once an ad is online on your site. Complimentary blogging and subdomains are permitted with Project wonderful, and advertisers receive 75% of the ad revenues.

Affiliated ratings is a very good place to make easy cash, it is a market place for the sale and purchase of affiliated ratings on Blogs. Also, instead of posting advertisements, you will be able to buy or sell sponsorship ratings on various blog sites. Publishers (bloggers) earn cash by posting articles on their own websites on subjects of their choosing so that they can get rewarded for their periodic posting activity, which is very nice 8).

All you need is a weblog (at least 3 month old) with genuine contents and that receives a regular amount of visitor traffic. Advertisers can promote your own web log, your products or your service on other people's web logs and pay cash to be sincerely checked for sponsor ratings by these web log users.

It is a good way to earn more cash, get more traffic and also get a good backlink boost from related blog posts. Ads blog is another good way to advertise on your website, they have been on line since 2002 (older than BuySellAds). Blog Ads, like buysell ads, support many ad types:

Text, picture, RSS newsletters, RSS news feeds and twitter advertisements, allowing marketers to buy ad space directly on your website. Blogs pay 70% of ad revenues to publisher, and you can even make an extra 14% by directing marketers to blogs. Another way to make cash is to sell advertisements on your site, Ad Engage offers support for text and picture advertisements, usually the 125×125 is the most frequently viewed ad, more ad sizes are available according to the advertiser, they also use PayPal as a means of paying with a $50 or higher mind.

Digitally Point is a very good ad networking system that has been designed by, their ad system allows marketers to place direct bids on ad spaces of website users, and they have a wide range of ad formats: If you join Digital Point, you will receive a bit of ad servicing information that you can place on your site, then the advertiser will start sending advertisements for your site and the ad with the highest offer will appear on your site immediately, otherwise your regular Adsense or CPC advertisements will appear.

The advertiser pays directly with PayPal. When you have a WordPress blog, the OIO Publisher plug-in is one of the best ways to monitor, administer and resell advertising space on your website, the OIO publisher allows you to place advertising space anywhere on your website and allows you to choose what advertising size you want, how many advertisements appear and how much they are.

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