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Planning and management of hyperlocal advertising campaigns. Marketplace community for ad buyers and sellers. PurchaseSellAds is a popular advertising network from which webmasters can sell their advertising space to advertisers or advertisers can buy advertising space on other websites. In order to work, advertising must be targeted. Design can be a concept, an idea or even a visual design to create consistency between all your ads.

Purchase of TV advertising space

The purchase of TV advertising space is not as complicated, but marketers need to know the fundamentals first. Below are some of them that you need to consider before starting a TVampagne. Which are the key performance indicators you need to achieve? Essentially, we could say that you are inspired by two different goals: one by your corporate identity, the other by your performance.

As for your trademark, a TV marketing can help you if you launch your trademark with a marketing strategy devoted to the presentation of a new products or the new functions of an already established one. Remember, television is the most potent medium, and it is one of the few that can reach such a large public in such a short while.

You' d also want to re-position your franchise - hard work - and get your clients to think differently about your franchise; think of sponsoring that is very efficient for re-positioning a franchise. A further example would be that you have to connect your trademark with a history in order to build television viewers' faith and optimism.

With your TV advertising you can also make phone call to your call centre and encourage TV audiences to learn more about you and your services/products. Whom are you trying to contact? The decision as to what you want to do is closely connected with the knowledge as to whom you want to address on television. Whoever watches television at the moment your ad is broadcast is crucial: you want to get the right public!

As soon as you have chosen your audiences - 16-34 men, 16-34 men who like to eat, 16 men, 16 men, 16 men, 16 women, 16 men, 16 men, 16 men, 16 men, and 16 men with cooking children - you (or your agency) can choose the TV programmes that are most appropriate. Range is the number of persons who have seen your ad at least once. This shows the mean number of occasions a particular individual has seen your ad in a given date range.

This is the proportion of the total number of people reaching the targeted group. Also, the targeted group would be the one you have chosen than the one that would respond better to your ad because it is them, your products/services are made for them. This is the proportion of would-be TV viewer at a given point in view.

It' very easy to calculate: you have to check the number of your targeted group and the sum of the targeted group, and 1 television channel = 1% of a group. Their audiences are not the same in March and July, on a Monday or Thursday, at 8 am or 5 pm.

Maybe your audiences watch TV on certain weekdays, but not on others. Consumers, for example, are more likely to react to what they want during the working weeks because they want to watch TV after a working session and just want to unwind. Daily hours play an important role in the search for advertising space on television.

Definitely the most profitabel period is during the early and later peaks, mostly from 1730 to 2259, and even after the summit, from 2300 to 2429. Even the breakfasts are worth it, from 0600 to 0859. Quite the opposite, the day is quite quiet, from 0900 to 1729, with most spectators having the greatest buying capacity when they are at work or at work.

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