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A business-to-business is a situation in which one company makes a commercial transaction with another. Find out how you can start today! That brings a whole new dynamic to the mix: A variety of effective online advertising and sponsorship opportunities are offered by business journals as powerful vehicles for advertisers. A simple guide to marketing, strategic business planning, advertising and promotion and lead generation, especially for small UK businesses.

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Business-to-business, also known as B-to-B or business-to-business, is a type of transactions between enterprises, e.g. with a producer and distributor or a distributor and retail trader. Business-to-business relates to business done between enterprises and not between one enterprise and single users.

Business-to-business contrasts with business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government (B2G) transaction. Business to business operations are usual in a traditional delivery process as enterprises buy parts and commodities like other commodities for use in production workflows. Completed goods can then be resold to individual persons in business-to-consumer deals.

Within the framework of communications, business-to-business relates to ways in which staff from different enterprises can contact each other, e.g. via the use of societal medium. B2B communications is the form of communications between two or more companies' people. The research company Forrester estimates that in 2014, US business-to-business retailing represented about half the US economy's GDP and sold over $8 trillion in goods.

It is a resilient business enviroment where companies can find out about our range of goods and provide information and create the conditions for business-to-business deals in the near-term. Corporate web sites enable interested persons to inform themselves about the companies' goods and sevices and to make contacts. Web sites for on-line commodity and delivery exchanges enable companies to browse for goods and provide service and start purchasing via e-procurement interface.

Specialised on-line directory systems, which inform about specific sectors, enterprises and the goods and solutions they offer, also make it easier to carry out business-to-business operations. Business to business and large business customers are the order of the day for businesses in the processing sector. Business-to-business deals are also the mainstay of the automotive sector. For example, tyres, battery packs, electronic components, tubes and lock systems are usually produced by different enterprises and directly marketed to carmakers.

Suppliers also participate in business-to-business deals. For example, firms specialising in housekeeping, household economics and cleaning often offer these products only to other firms and not to individuals. Business to business operations demand effective business plan. These types of transaction depend on a company's accounting system to build business customer relations.

Business to business relations must also be maintained, usually through professionally pre-sales interaction, so that the transaction can be successfully completed. Conventional market practice also helps companies engage with business customers. Magazines support these efforts and offer companies the opportunity to promote in printed and on-line media. Presenting a company at a conference or exhibition also raises people' consciousness of the goods and service it offers to other companies.

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