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Look for companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and trademarks by name. Note: Enter a company name to look up (this can be a part or full name). Browse our company and business database. Wellcome to the Business Entity Search Station (BESS) for the Secretary of State's office. The database is made available to the public for "individual research" only.

Notes, customer alerts and processing times

Learn about changes that affect the Business Programs Division business. Find out about the latest business unit turnaround time and find out what type of filing suits your needs. Portrait PDFs of business entities' illustrated documentation, information declarations included, are available free of charge from the Secretary of State's Business Search.

Business Units Department at the Foreign Minister's Bureau handles applications, keeps notes and provides the general public with information on business subjects (corporations, private companies, private limited partners, private limited partners, general partnership, private partnership and other business reports).


Company name: The search allows users to retrieve all the information the company has deposited with the Secretary of State. Information on ordering a certificate and/or copy of a document can be found on the HOME page in the upper drop-down list. Notice: This search is not meant to be a name search. In order to perform a search:

Choose the appropriate search category. Specify the name or number you want to search for. Choose the Search Buttons.

Search by company name

Browse for: Locate and retrieve PDF files with the changes captured for this company, including changes of addresses and changes to the leadership staff. Find out about all managers enrolled in a particular company, such as directors, officers, presidents, secretaries, treasurers, trustees, applicants, partners, managers and members. Locate all companies with which an individual manager is associated if the manager is enrolled in one of the following roles:

Performing a Search

Wellcome to the Business Entity Search Station (BESS) for the Secretary of State's Bureau. The following is a listing of the various data bases maintained by our firm, together with a brief summary of each one. Choose the hyperlink to search. For this reason, the Foreign Minister cannot make a data base available for the search of these company sorts.

Furthermore, please be aware that the name availability and business entity data bases are deemed to be "live" and are regularly refreshed every 10 min by the Foreign Minister's Bureau.

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