Business Opportunities for Sale

Opportunities for sale

In our comprehensive directory of turnkey business opportunities you will find first class business opportunities. Locate existing business opportunities for sale and small franchise opportunities for sale. Have a look at these direct sales, franchise, + work-at-home business opportunities and start making money on your own terms! Are you ready to start your own business? Review our commercial properties for sale.

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Opportunities & Franchise Opportunities

This is one of the most rapidly expanding female health food brand in America! Ideal for half-Asentee owner. Holders of Cell Phone Repair (CPR®) franchises are unique in positioning to benefit from our company's increasing dependence on gadgets. Now own a Rock and Roll World. Destination Athlete is a single point of contact that focuses on Complete Athlete and offers a range of goods and solutions to help young and high schools achieve their goals.

The PIRTEK is a business-to-business France that service, maintain, install and replace hose and fitting equipment. Mosquito Hunter's brand is growing at breakneck speed and its customers are thrilled. Franchisees /operators are educated to lead them to life-long prosperity and at the same time to create a rewarding, collaborative business.

Jimmy John's is number 1 in the 500 deductible and has been making crisp, quick and delicious sweets since 1983. Join the new home care giants. Supported by multi-brand franchiser Buzz Franchise Brands, Home Clean HERoes is a world-class global business that builds a home name business by name. PuroClean, the leading fire and flood remediation services provider, provides a $204 billion remediation industry window of recourse to PuroClean!

Liberty has over two centuries of expertise in providing advice on taxes and has expanded to over 4,000 US and Canadian office locations. Genuine home nursing deductible, which offers medicinal, non-medical and personal deductible. Possibility of accessing several sources of income for home nursing. Begin as a home traveller to enjoy business property and create dream holidays for your customers.

Harnessing over 25 years of business ownership expertise to help new business leaders succeed, MBV is the ideal fit for highly dedicated professionals looking for a low-risk, high-reward business. StrechLab is the market-leading provider of one-on-one affordability assistant stretching developed with a wide range of products to enable customers to enjoy 'Live Long'.

Nearly 1,000 centres around the world ensure that Meineke's tried and tested business models are always successful for its customers. Learn today why Meineke is the deductible for you! What makes you choose a non-medical/personnel based limited income deductible business? All you need now is the ideal franchising opportunity: Learn how Batteries Plus Bulbs is uniquely profiled and supportive, and how you can offer consumer and business customers the goods and service they need for years to come.

N-Hance, the world's biggest wood refinish paint repair company, uses its own wood repair technology and solution to recreate the beautiful nature of your parquet flooring, cupboards and entrance areas - at a more accessible price and in a split second of the times of conventional rebuilds. Start a company that can make a difference in the way the business is run. Would you like to own a company that changes people's life?

Together uses established business solutions and a singular recess in the boom branch. Launch your own business and resell text marketing. Using today's marketplace, CycleBar benefits from a tried-and-tested sector for outstanding global performance. Poolscouts provides swimming pools with a more pro options in the swimming poolservice. Poolscouts is a low priced, turnkey deductible that makes it an attractive choice.

Maaco, the leading supplier of car paints and collisions, provides a worthwhile franchising option. Domestic business models that offer a uniquely serviced and different experience! ACT is a singular, singular, dance-based training with new, originellen contents, which are provided by Anna emperor itself every 3 Weeks. When you are willing to take your next step in your lifecycle, why not consider a home business that allows you to make a real impact on your customers' lifes.

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