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Here you will find Home Based Business Opportunities. Learn when and how you can use them effectively in your company. Development of a mail order business: Check the classifieds in Cambodia, as well as the Asian news and various services for the expatriates in Cambodia. You' re a small business owner or marketing expert and your budget is limited.

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Standard Business Classifieds are 180 signs with a prominent dark edge so your ad really jumps off the page. To maximise your results, we also provide simple and inexpensive 4-week bundles (billed every 4 week automatically) at reduced prices. The standard monthly package is $69 every four week and can be cancelled at any time prior to the end of the promotional year.

The monthly Premium Package is charged at $109 every four week and can be cancelled at any time prior to the end of the promotion year. This is only valid for the Premium Business Classified With Logo/Headshot options. Insert your B&W logo or headshot below: Files type accepted: jpg, sng. Only . jpg and . jpg are acceptable data format.

The logo or headshot must be delivered in black and white / grey scale. There will be extra fees if we need to change the data. The logo or headshot is printed at a width of approx. 25 mm x 10 mm height. Max. filesize is 2 megabytes. We will upload your data when you submit the application.

Classified Ad Basic (Basics of Classifieds)

Cheap and simple classifieds are the most economic way to attract awareness to your business. Classifieds do not attract the big resonance of screen advertising, but they do offer the most cost-effective way to bring your business to the people. Newspaper Association of America suggests that you just enumerate the key benefits of your products or services to the client.

Because not every person is looking for the same benefits, please include as many as you can afford. And the more people who know about your company, the more they will put their faith in you. Expert opinion also recommends using empty spaces to set your classified ad apart from the rest. Whitespace works particularly well in papers that advertise Pennys per words or per line.

Placing just a few words in each line - the first line lists an advantage, the second the name of your business, the third your adress, for example - gives you a flashy, centred ad with spaces around it. This short advertisement works best when it offers a frequently purchased item or services such as taxation or caterers.

It is not absolutely necessary to enumerate the advantages of each, as the general public knows what to look forward to. The blank spaces in classified ads are also valid if you provide a catalogue or other type of bibliography that describes your work. If so, you could place the key advantage in an opening line intended to attract the reader's interest and below the utility bar, how to request the information, and note the prize, if available.

Take, for example, "Play Forgammon Like A Pro" would be a good charity line in an ad that provides free information about a booklet that shows gamers how to enhance their games. Advertisements that use whitespace are less widespread in periodicals because these ads are often twice as expensive as a traditional classified paper.

But they are often more efficient and better than a paper, as few other whitespace ads will compete for readers' interest. Prior to posting a classified ad, please call or post the publication you are interested in and ask for an advertisement package (also known as a print package).

Often ad kits contain guidance in the shape of brochures, leaflets or newsletter that will help you create your ad and give you advice on selecting the key advantage, consolidation of words or whether to pronounce the sound courageously, or instead use a preservative narrative and advantage book.

The majority of advertising suites also include information on the demographics of the reader. Repetition of advertisements will help clients familiarise themselves with your products or services and reduce selling pressure. Classification that uses fewer words costs less to run, so it doesn't have to draw to defend itself. What kind of profits do you have to make on classified ads?

Except if you run a one-product, one-sales business, you can set up a profit-making business through classified ads by simply reaching the break-even point, or even getting a little under the cash, as many of these shoppers become regulars.

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