Business Card Affiliate Program

Affiliate Business Card Program

High quality print products and fast delivery make our print products very attractive for both consumers and companies. Purchase customizable affiliate business cards or create your own from scratch! " Best Design Business Card Printer." Print Online Drop Shipping Broker Affiliate Program. Take the PrintDirtChip.

com affiliate program and enjoy the benefits.

partner program

Our program managment teams work with each partner to achieve a market advantage through our high value, low impact pressure combined with the partner's strength and scope. With our program, you can earn cash by directing traffic to our site and we reward you with a comission.

Participation in our program is completely free - no registration fee, no concealed charges or minimal turnover. affiliates get 5% referral fee for current client purchases and 15% referral fee for new client purchases as well as referral fee for each 60 day referral they make after their first click. Deserve high payments and high exchange rate!

When you become a Affiliate, you can be confident that you will be recognized and have easy entry to your growing effort to grow our business:

partner program

What is the Affiliate Program? Affiliate members receive traffic from their affiliate networks and insert it into their website HTML. You can display the following link as a text or text picture. Each time a visitor hits the affiliate's website trackers, this is followed by the cookie on the user's computer.

Unless the visitor erases his cookies/cache, the trace link will remain active on the user's computer for 60 consecutive calendar days. However, the visitor will not be able to access the site without cookies/cache. Clients are not entitled to earn commissions on their own printing orders. Suitable affiliate affiliates typically consist of online marketing companies, website publishers, blogs, coupons and rating pages. How soon will I get my cheque?

Fee cheques will be sent within 30 to 60 workingdays after the order has been made. If you would like help with your review, please directly email the affiliate team. To obtain help, you must call either Commision Junction or Share-A-Sale Technical Sales Team. You must have a certain amount of commissions generated before sending a cheque.

After 24 hrs after placing your order, log in to your affiliate accounts and review your reports. An answer will be sent to you within 24-48 business hour. Visit our resources or our help center for frequently asked question.

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