Broadband Affiliate Program

Wideband Affiliate Program

Participate in the TalkTalk Telephone and Broadband Affiliate Program and start monetizing your website. In-depth information about the BT Broadband Partner Programme, including affiliate manager or OPM contact information, network IDs and more. Learn more about the Airtel Broadband Partner Program. Browse our free white paper, The Ez Guide To Mobile Marketing Affiliate Programs. Summit Connect supports three affiliate programs.

Boutique Business Broadband Partner Programme for Broadband Providers

One of the world's premier communication service providers, BT serves the needs of UK and more than 170 global organisations. Core businesses are the delivery of landline telephony solutions, broadband, wireless and television related goods and solutions, and IT networking solutions.

With our technologies working across websites, applications, and community networking platforms, you can concentrate on your core businesses, make more money, and eliminate the burden of maintaining multiple partner programmes.

As part of the scheme, you can advertise all BT services either separately or as part of some attractive prize packages: Broadband, telephone lines, TV and SIMO.

When the client then adds television, the overall fee is 52, and BT started its wireless offering in March 2015, which has developed over the years. All BT Broadband services offer current subscribers a savings of 5 per pound per parcel per month.

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