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When you are looking for online AdWords & PPC training, several levels of courses and certifications are available. Brad Geddes' latest tweets (@bgtheory). The PPC Geek & Official AdWords Seminar Leader. The PPC Geek & Official AdWords Seminar Leader.

Théré Brad Geddes Theorie of Web Marketings

The AdWords Workshop is a one-day intense course that will enhance your PPC play. When you are looking for AdWords & PPC courses available on-line, several stages of courses and certification are available.

The AdWords audits:

AdWords 6 tips from the training of Brad Geddes

Keys and advertisements do not generate turnover, land pages generate turnover.

It turns out that Google is not always right and sometimes higher QA policies don't fit the objectives you have for your affiliate accounts. First we ran advertisements that spoke about the great benefit of the products and CTR was awesome...but the conversion was bad because folks would come to our site, see the pricing point and go.

As we included prices in our advertisements, the CTR dropped with the QA, but our rate of turnover and our turnover increased. What is more important to make a sale or to have a high QA? "Turn your buyers into regular clients by trying different thank-you pages.

Concentrate on using Citrix Display Network (CPA), not the display network converting rates. Since Google does the work for you, you don't need to analyse your power by converting it.

Suppose you are selling digicams and displaying displays. Advertisements will appear on a favorite video rating page and Dave's online photo diary. There is a higher probability that a converted individual will be on a video surveillance website than when they read a blogs, but both are good targets.

You will get fewer converts from the blogs, but if you get 100 klicks on both advertisements, you will pay $6 less for those converts. You ever get a shot at seeing Brad talk, I promise you you'll have more than a few aha! momenta.

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