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Affiliate partners when booking. com receive commissions per booking (prices vary). Take the booking. com program and start earning commission today! * Remember that, !

!!!! id!!!!! with your unique partner ID*. Skip to affiliate program: You have a quotation and commission distribution model. Affiliate Program, initially established by Priceline, is an outstanding website for booking your holiday accommodation on-line. It offers the best rates of all large tour operators and allows the user to choose the cheapest one. works with hundred thousand of hotel and catering agents to always find the best offers for your accommodation. does not charge any extra booking fee through the site and provides ratings for clients to help them make educated choices. affiliate members receive commissions per booking (prices vary). With our technologies working across websites, applications, and community networking platforms, you can concentrate on your core businesses, make more money, and eliminate the burden of maintaining multiple partner programmes.

Monetise your website with's affiliate program.

Many great affiliate programmes exist in the "Online Travel" market segment. This program offers you an excellent opportunity to increase your revenues while improving your visitors' experiences. Booking. com's affiliate program is one of the best in its industry. You can monetarise your website by giving your website users an easier way to find the right accomodation.

Every single night over 1,400,000 room stays are booked on

In order to register for the affiliate program, click 'Become an Affiliate' at the bottom of the website. This is where you can fill out your resume by providing some essential information. Before you join, please make sure you have reviewed the Affiliate Agreement.

Please view the following movie to get an idea of's affiliate program: Affiliates get instant acces to a personalised affiliate dashboard. Offering adaptable and easy-to-use tools, it gives you the freedom to work when and where you want. To use affiliate product you do not need to be a computer professional.

Those plug-ins are incredibly simple to use. offers you six different types of banners and three different topics. It will help you to retain your customers in an effective way.

Now you can make a new one by going to Banners >> Make a new one. You will then need to give your ad a name and choose the desired ad sizes and themes. It is also possible to see a thumbnail of your scanner before you generate its unique number. As soon as a merchant has been generated, you can copy and paste your coding wherever you want your merchant to appear on your website and you're done.

When you insert the barcode into your item, it will be displayed as follows: Affiliate Search Box is one of the most useful affiliate related items that you can have on your website.

You can insert the field where you want it to appear. This inspiring browse field allows your guests not only to browse the thousand of homes on, but also to browse and find inspiration for their next selection of holiday home. Every inspiring keyword contains three eye-catching pictures that promote the most important goals on your website.

It also shows a listing of other places your users might be interested in.

Copy and past the passcode anywhere on your site and the Find field appears. Using our deal finder, you can create a range of offers for every hotel at every location we serve on Like other affiliate product, it can be deployed to your website by just copy and pasted the codes from your own website' Dashboard.

Link Tools help you build deeper affiliate link to link your website to any page on, even specifically developed hosting and promotional pages. In-depth hyperlinks can take you to airports, cities, districts, hotels, islands, orientation and regional sites. Connecting your contents with not only adds value for your users, but is also a fast and simple way to monetise your website. Affiliate allows you to quickly and simply create and customize WordPress plug-ins to your website to include your own product.

These plug-ins let you build eye-catching flags, turn your contents into invaluable affiliate hyperlinks, and include the offical field on every page on your site. has also provided simple instructions for all WordPress plug-ins to help you get up and running. Being a affiliate allows you to make up to 40% commission on any booking on your affiliate product.

Receive a percentage of the commission will receive from the chosen accommodations. Affiliates can see various statistics, such as the number of traffic from your website to, the number of times they book through your affiliate product, the amount of commission earned and the amount they receive, all on your Dashboard.

com' committed technical assistance staff is available to help you with any issues you may have when using affiliate software solutions.

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