Booking Affiliates Login

Book Affiliates Login

Looking for the best travel partner program for your business? To use this plugin, you must be Affiliate. The first step is to login to Affiliate Partner Center and create your search fields.

If you are using our partner program, please log in here.

Longer cookies length.

Price = More cash! Time. We have optimized our whole partnering experience to make it easy to use and at the same time provide highly precise partner tracing. Click on an affilate hyperlink on your website or in an e-mail. It logs the visitor's IP address and places a cookies in their browsers to enable tracing.

In case the user orders (the order does not have to be placed during the same browsing sessions - cookie and IP are saved indefinitely), the order is recorded as a sales for you. You can not only join our staff and help promote your favourite product, but you can also be remunerated for your work.

The system follows recommendations and pay top commission for each customer you submit to us. Higher rate of exchange = more cash! This website and our schedules are generating one of the highest levels of traffic turnover in the business.

They' re sending us businesses, we' re sending you cash! They can get us a deal in less than five moments. Begin making a living now! Participation in our partner program is free of cost.

Let me see the cash!

If you have more closed (checked out) entries each and every months, the higher the rate of entries you get payed for that particular one. We have a dedicated staff of affiliates available to help you get up and running as an affiliated, to help resolve your issues and to assist you throughout the entire lifecycle.

Keep up with your performances, profits, and more on your dashboard with free, in-depth reports.

Affiliate Hotel Program

Up to 70% off tens of millions of hotel rooms in a range of destinations from 4-star and 5-star deluxe accommodations to exclusive guesthouses, from urban homes to country B&Bs. Provide your clients with an outstanding booking experience and generate good booking commission through our high rate conversions.

Clients can enjoy savings of up to 70% compared to standard fares and have free admission to an infinite number of rooms available due to the type of delayed booking. It contains information about the hotels, the number of rooms, the number of overnight stays, etc. It also records from which partners the users were called.

For room reservation a bank transfer is used and the client will pay the price of the room on the day of departure. Cancelation policy varies from resort to resort and is clearly indicated on resort detail and booking pages. In the event that a cancelation is made outside the cancelation period, no fee will be charged to the client and therefore no payments will be made to the partner for this booking.

We have a cancelation policies that result in an outstanding converting ratio and favorable pricing to e.g. a corporate public. After registering, you will get a login to the partner area.

Your money will be transferred directly to your banking address within 14 workingdays provided you have provided your banking information. Outstanding pricing and availabilities allow us to deliver high converting speeds.

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