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What kind of money did you make with affiliate programs? With the booking. com Affiliate Affiliate Program allows you to earn money online from the world's best travel platform. Find out why the best travel affiliate programs quadruple your blog income: is a popular name in the travel industry.

Affiliate Booking Engine (ABE) is a pre-built, fully responsive booking engine that is a perfect solution:

What kind of cash can I make with the affiliate programme?

The affiliate programme of is highly recommended. For one thing, they provide some really fun and customisable utilities like keywords and dealer finder. Booking, on the other side, has a very powerful mark and humans are used to this one. I' ve been testing HotelsCombined and Booking in parallel for more than 1.5 years.

Eventually I changed my textlink from HotelsCombined to textlink from Booking. Since then my income has changed, and today I make more than 1000 EUR per months with booking and have an average of 70 EUR per year. For me Booking is the most efficient accomodation companion so far.

This is how to become a partner is one of the world's biggest hoteliers, to date at you can select your hotelier from more than 500,000 hoteliers presented on their website. Best of all, you can become a Booking Affiliate for one of these 500,000 properties by signing up for the Affiliate Programme. Affiliate has a proven history of success with high revenue streams. Our commission-based approach to our properties is the favoured distribution approach in the hospitality sector and ensures a long-term win-win partnership. I first met the affiliate programme about a year ago - when I created a hotellist for Georgia - and looked for ways to monetise this site.

This whole thing is quite easy, you are required to have a website or blogs related to travelling, and it is even better if you have some visitor to this website. Join the affiliate programme and begin the sign-up procedure. After the review, you can begin using the affiliate programme.

At, the income share scheme looks like this - you get payed for every completed booking. Payments you get vary - they start with 25% of what the booking. com receives. Our fee is calculated according to a fee distribution scheme. The more postings you make, the higher your premium will be.

Guaranteed to pay for all reservations where the guest has actually spent the night. Looks like - if someone book a room through your recommendation links for $100 and booking. com gets 10% fee on this business, you get 25% of what gets - which makes $2.5 for this transactions.

And the more referrals you make to and the more referrals you make through your recommendation link, the more you get - your revenue share can rise up to 40% if you are sending more than 500 referrals in a single monthly period. When I use Affiliate, what are my online booking needs?

In addition to these utilities, you get your own personal Dashboard where you can keep tabs on how many visits you send to, how many reservations you have, and more. To get payed on you must have real reservations.

Booking can only be made in one direction - they transmit real traffics, people interested in hotels. In order to receive significant commission from, you must have proper trafficking on your own website / blogs. Boost your website sales and deliver more invaluable information. When you are new to affiliate recruiting or your website has little visitor activity - get started small - get small targets - get 50 hits a months on and raise those targets every months.

Attempt to get your first 10 reservations, 20 reservations and then 50 reservations. is a great affiliate resource, but to get a proper fee, you have to work really hard to get visitors to it. Boost your website traffic, offer more destination orientated contents and finally your provision will rise.

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