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The whole homepage actually collapsed after BlueHost redirected the main URL to this subdomain via its built-in interface. The BlueHost Affiliate Plug-in is a way for WordPress professionals who host with to receive revenue through BlueHost banner ads. As soon as you have created your custom banner link, you can link it to your affiliate link. When you are looking for webhosting, I recommend bluehost is the best webhosting service.

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Bloehost Affiliator Plugin for WordPress

The Bluehost affiliate programme is one of the easiest to use programmes to help website owner make substantial income. The Bluehost provides a Bluehost Affiliator plug-in for WordPress user that allows to add recommendation links to the posts and sidebars. In this section we will talk about the step-by-step installation procedure of the plug-in and its use on your WordPress page.

Bloehost does not provide this plug-in in the WordPress repository, you need to get it from your partner site and put it on your WordPress page. Log in to your Bluehost Affiliate and browse to the Left > Widget section. Click on "Download plug-in (.zip)" in the "WordPress affiliator" section to transfer the files to your computer or to your computer.

Log in to your WordPress Administrator dashboard and browse to the "Plugins > Create New" section. Select the Bluehost zipped files and click the "Install Now" link to unzip the plug-in contents into your WordPress page. It is also possible to use FTP or Date imanager to transfer the exported plug-in from your host ing-account cPanel to the installation location "/wp-content/plugins/".

When installing the zipped files from the WordPress Administrator' dashboard, do not extract them from the zipped files. When uploading to the plug-in location, please make sure to load the extract location (not the zipped file). After successful installation click on "Activate Plugin" to enable the Bluehost Affiliator plug-in. They will prompt you to type your affiliate user name to associate your Bluehost Affiliate to WordPress.

As soon as you have defined your ID, please go to "Settings > General" and validate it. Simply click and drop this into your side bar to attach an affiliate banner to your website. They can adjust the sizes and variation as you can do with Bluehost Affiliate Accounts. The Affiliator plug-in adds an item to WordPress Mail Publisher as shown in the image below.

Please click on the symbol to insert your banner in the article or page contents. They can also adjust the banner sizes and variations. As soon as you have your WordPress page released, click on the Bluehost affiliate banner and verify your account.

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