Best Ptc Websites

The best Ptc websites

The paid-to-click strategy is referred to as PTC sites or paid-to-click sites or PTC websites. Some of the best Paid to Click ("PTC") websites offer you the opportunity to get paid for viewing advertisements on the Internet. Promote your own website with your reflinks on it to get recommendations. In addition to the fact that these are the oldest and most widely used PTC/GPT sites. Which are the best PTC websites to make money online?

The best PTC websites

And if you want to work from home (or even on the beach), have a steady salary and be your own boss, you can earn cash with Paid to Click (PTC) websites. As with everything in the world, failure and success are only divided by a rather narrow line, so if you choose to become an online businessman and earn several hundred or even a thousand US dollars/ Euros/ pounds per months, then you need to show motivation, trust and organization.

Tip 1 - PTC Websites are a way to make a fair living - you are not a way to become a billionaire within a single monthly or annual period. But if you "play" the puzzle properly and cleverly, you can make several hundred or even a thousand bucks a year.

Tip 2 - You need a tactic - you can't make much cash just by click and look at them. They need to develop a policy in which they progressively increase the number of their recommendations and use them like staff to work for them and make a living. Every single one of these advertisements must be clicked on at least 4 times a week to get the cash generated by the next day's referral work.

Tip 4 - You must be patient - If you choose to put some cash in (highly recommended), it will go much quicker in the beginning. This way you immediately hire 50-100 recommendations, and these begin to work for you. But if you don't want to pay any at all, you can begin making cash by looking at advertisements and doing mini-jobs and assignments and progressively build your recommendation empire this way, but it will take more practice and work.

Continue to click on your adverts every single passing and earn extra cash with your recommendations. Tip 6 - Be selectively with your PTC websites. Some websites are very professionally, trustworthy and always punctual. A few of the best and most trustworthy PTC websites are: And there are a few others who are also making great efforts to join the group, among them Boostfin, Clixzor, Clicksia and Naid Bux.

Be cautious, however, as there are other PTC sites that are not as trustworthy and dependable. Tip 7 - Be selectively with your hired recommendations - There are good and poor hired recommendations. Watch them carefully and innovate only those who are stable and make you moneys. Don't be scared to make recommendations that are not uniform and costs you a lot of cash (as in any other business)!

Tip 8 - Make recommendations money-saving - If you extend your chosen recommendations, you will extend them in the long run. Tip 9 - Goal for Goal for Gold - If you have a good number of recommendations directly and leased (usually more than 200), buy an upgraded subscription (Golden or equivalent).

$30-90 per year, but if you really start playing the right way, you'll make a lot more with your upgraded year. Tip 10 - Become a Royal - If you succeed and the cash flows, you might want to make more! There are 4-5 different stages to upgrading your account, which gives you many more advantages and allows you to make a lot more cash.

Tip 11 - Know your match - Some PTC websites (e.g. Nerdbux, Probux, The-Bux, Goldenclix, Silverclix) allow you to click on any four ads to count the next day's referral traffic. Instead, you must click on four particular ads to get the clicking of your recommendations.

With each website, verify which ads you need to click. However, if you want to maximize your revenue from your own clicking, you can click on all your ads every single single single passing passing passing day. Tip - Use the Profit Calculator - Many PTC websites (e.g. The-Bux, Silverclix, Globalbux and Clixzor) have a profit calculator that allows you to compute how much you will be spending and how much you will make with your recommendations and the monetary making policy you have selected, and therefore helps you stay in touch with the soundness of your balance and help you make choices about your next steps in doing business. How much do you do it?

Tip 13 - Tell your buddies - Try telling your day-to-day buddies as well as your community members or other buddies about these sites and try registering them using you as a referrer. This way you get recommendations that are free for you.

Whenever one of your instant recommendations hits and views an ad, not only will he or she make cash, but you will also make it. Tip 14 - Open an online cash deposit box - you need an online cash deposit box (e.g. PayPal, Payza) so that the websites can send you the funds.

Using this cash, you can then make online shopping or wire the funds to your own banking accounts. Remember that there is usually a ~2% fee for these cash remittances, so get familiar with them to make sure you are saving as much as possible. Tip 15 - Review your metrics - Each PTC website contains metrics about your PTCs.

Even though these vary from page to page, with some pages (e.g. The-Bux, Nerdbux, Goldenclix, Clixsense) giving much more detail than others, here you can track your own progression and the achievement of your recommendations. It is especially important when you are evaluating your strategy and managing your immediate and leased recommendations.

Tip 17 - Make with recommendations - You can make extra income with both live and leased recommendations. On some websites (e.g. Clixzor, Goldenclix, Neurosbux) you can buy instant recommendations, but you must remember that if the instant recommendation becomes idle, you will not be able to substitute or swap it and run the risk to lose it.

However, leased recommendations are available from most of these websites (e.g. Probux, Nerdbux, The-Bux, Globalbux, Clickfair, Clicksia, PTC Solution) and the rental duration is usually one months (30 days). 18 Tip - Earn from the Net - Another way to earn cash with PTC websites is to view ads from the net.

The PTC Web sites that provide you with revenue opportunities from The Grid are among those: The-Bux,) Nerdbux, Probux, Neobux, Goldenclix, Silverclix, Clixsense, Zetabux, PTC solution, Clixzor, Globalbux, Clixia). Tip 19 - Make with minijobs or assignments - Many PTC websites (e.g. Neobux, Probux, The-Bux, Goldenclix, Silverclix, Nerdbux, Clixsense) have an opt where in addition to making cash through advertisements, you can also do basic minijobs or assignments to make dollar.

In addition, some PTC websites (e.g. Neobux, Probux) provide you with an additional 10% fee for every additional GBP you make with minijobs or tasks. Tip 20 - Make - Income from polls - Some PTC sites (e.g. ClixSense) allow you to make additional income by conducting on-line polls. This usually takes 5-20 min, and as a balance you make a lot of moneys.

Usually this is $0.5-2 per poll, which is not too bad considering you are able to do 5-10 polls per month and make $5-20 per year. Tip 21 - Make with stocks - Some PTC websites allow you to make cash by purchasing their stocks. These sites are Clixzor and PTC Solution.

By the end of the monthly, you'll get $58.80 back for your part. There is no need to click and no need for other members to click on their ads, e.g. rental or instant recommendations. Tip - Make money from TrafficExchange - Some PTC websites (e.g. PTC Solution, The-Bux, Clicksia, Zetabux and Clixzor) have a TrafficExchange feature that allows you to display traffic exchanges for traffic exchanges between each other.

23 Tip - Make a profit with promotion - Some PTC websites (e.g. Clixzor) allow you to place a hyperlink on your own website, and every times someone links to that hyperlink, you get paid as referral fees directly to your bankroll. Tip 24 - Earn with your klicks - Every single night you get cash by viewing your own advertisements.

Every ad usually takes 3-5 seconds and paid $0. 001 if you have a single bankroll. Yet, some adverts can cost you up to $0.1-0. 2, and if you update, you'll not only get more everyday adverts to view, but you'll also get more cash for every ad you view.

Tip - Earn with Upgrading - Each PTC site has its own upgrading system, and although these are usually similar, you should read them thoroughly when you plan your monetary realization strategy. While some sites provide one-month membership updates (e.g. The-Bux, Goldenclix, Silverclix, Nerdbux), others provide annual updates (e.g. Probux, Globalbux, PTC Solution, Clixzor, Neobux, Boostfin).

Updating your affiliate makes you more cash with your own hits, the hits from your own recommendations, the hits from your own recommendations and the hits from more sites, such as an increase in the number of network opportunities. Tip 26 - Make commissions - Websites like these allow you to make cash every single times one of your instant recommendations purchases an upgraded subscription or advertising.

Fees vary, but are usually around 10%, which can be very high for many recommendations that make a purchase. Tip - Use only one per computer- If you try to use more than one per computer the PTC website will detect this and block both of your PTC website applications indefinitely, running the risk of losing all the cash you've made up to that point.

28 Tip - Don't disregard the board policy - If you choose to use the board on this site to swap your experience or advice with other people, make sure you are reading and following the board policy, otherwise you run the chance of being blocked. Tip 29 - Don't do anything foolish or unlawful - Don't try to spamming or otherwise defraud the site as your bank details will be blocked and you will be blocked.

Tip 30 and last - Make the Most of PTC Website Monetizing?

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